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General Update...overcome by the yuck

So this past Saturday was the Commencement Ceremony for work. It's obviously a big deal and an event that we need to work on a Saturday and there's plenty of work to be done leadning up to it as well, of course. At the event itself there's a lot of running around and standing around for 6 hours, you know. In other words, it's really a terrible time to be under the weather.

Well the Sunday before the work week leading up to commencement I started not feeling well. We didn't have much to do that day, just went out to see Jurrasic World with Raye and Dani. (Review: Dissapointment. Entertaining enough, mostly to just see what the park would look like, but otheriwse rediculous, dull characters, lack of suspence and generally over the top. That and it is everything it's supposed to be critisizing.)  Wasn't feeling great that day. Monday tried to come in to work but went home after a couple of hours. Cold sweats, fever, exhaustion, abdominal pain and sevre stomach issues. Slept or was in the bathroom all day Monday. Tuesday made it in to work but it was a crazy busy and stressfull day and I still wan't totally better so felt like I needed to take Wednesday off in an effort to really get over the yuck. Though the other symptoms went away the unpleasant tummy troubles seriously stayed with me all week all the way through the week.

Luckily, on commencement day the, how do I put this tactfully, the urgent need to make haste to the ladies' was not an issue and i was able to focus on doing what needed to be done, to volunteer to help others and to generally be alert and kick ass.

I'm not sure what caused the sickness if it was a stomach flu or what but I wouldn't reccomend it. I'm over it now but I took so much time off that I had to use a couple of the vacation days I had planned for this week. So half of this week was supposed to be a staycation but looks like it will instead just be a long weekend.

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