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So I've not updated in a while. Notable goings-on are as follows

Fried Goodbyes: Saying Farewell to Charlie's on Broadway
It started as a rumor, then it was confirmed. Charlie's on Broadway was closing up shop. This was yet another blow in a year full of feeling like "why does everything I love in Seattle have to go away?" First it was the Hurricane in January, the Mama's Kitchen and now Charlie's. Charlie's was the first place I went and had my first legal acoholic beverage on my 21st birthday. Charlie's; where there were many happy hour meet ups wherein sociability was merely a thinly veiled excuse to eat the amazing fried cheese sticks.  (RIP Cheese Sticks) Every time a Zeglin or Zeglins were in town, it seemed we always went to Charlie's. It's where I celebrated Oni's graduation with her family and it's where we held my "Welcome Home" from Goldsmiths (becasue the first thing I wanted after a year away from Seattle were them Cheese Sticks!).  It's like losing an old firned.

Andy, Dani, Raye, Sam and later Tracie all went out to bid the old place farewell. I was pretty upset about losing the place, despite the crappy servie we got (but hey, the poor guy was losing his job in the next week so let it be). I ate too many cheese sticks (found out there is such a thing) and we took a lot of picutres.

Pride Weekend
I had a long weekend Pride weekend, having Friday and Monday off. Friday morning was wonderful. I slep in to about nine and when I woke up, made my coffee and checked the internet I saw that the Supreme Court had ruled in the favor of marriage equality. My FB news feed was so full of happiness and rainbows. Obviously I keep myself in good company. So that put me in a great mood. I went to my folks to work on some video stuff for QC and then headed up the hill to meet with Raye and Dani and do a bit of celebrating for pride. We prefunked at Raye's for a bit (with Lindsey and Cory) and then I went to a comedy show nearby I wanted to go to while others went to see Astro spin> After my comedy show got out, I caught up with Raye, Dani and Cory (and later Christine) and we bar hopped a little, looking for bars that were not charging a cover for Pride.

Saturday Andy and I hang out at home and did some gardening.

Sunday we went down to the parade where we met up with Raye, Christine & Cory and Ginger & William. We came latter than usual because we didn't feel like sitting though the half hour of dykes on bikes. However coming later meant that we missed Dorothy (the Sisters were thr Grand Marshalls this year) and we really couldn't get a good spot to see anything. However, we briefly ran into the Melrose crew at the parade and made sure to get a picture together for 2015.

We left the parade early, as usual, and went up the hill for the traditional Post Pride Parade lunch at the Honey Hole. I love this tradition so much. Ginger & William had a houseguest in tote who was from Lousianna and so they and Christine and Cory went off to the Seattle Center portion of Pride. Andy went home and I figured, hell since I had the Monday off, I could hang out with the Melrose crew like old times. So I followed Raye back to hers to hang out. There was actually some weird, bad vibes in the air with some of the neighbors but Raye and I hung out and drank and later went back up to Raye's apartment (which was in-between roommates as Lindsey had just moved to another unit downstairs) with James and Albee and dranks some more and listened to music/ danced around like idiots. Just like old times. :)

4th of July weekend
Rob flew into town on the 2nd. He was determined to experience the American 4th of July. He and Raye were going to spend the 4th proper with Jeff and Lisa on a boat (can't miss that oppertunity) so on Friday, the 3rd Andy and I hosted a backyard BBQ so Rob could have that slice of American 4th of July tradition, too. Rob was the first to show up and it was good to catch up with him for a while and have some 1 on 1 time. We had my folks, Christine and Croy, Dani, Dan & Kristen (who didn't stay for too long) and Ryan. A little later, after the food had been put away, Tracie and Samuel showed up as well. Everyone mostly hung out outside in the back yard, drank, smoked, ate and talked the day away...moving with the shade. We had way too much food (beer battered brats, beans, corn on the cob, salad, and delicious bacon western cheese burgers!) plenty of beer, and somehow ended up with three times the amount of vodka we started out with. Rob said it meant a great deal to him to have the BBQ and that he had a wonderful time so mission accomplished!

On the 4th propper we didn't do much, watched movies in the cool of the air conditioning, stayed with the pets while all the explosives were going on outside, tried to find creative ways to dress up BBQ leftovers.

This week has been rough. A lot of grumpiness. It's taken me forever just to write and post this just to feel caught up. There's also some stuff on my mind I could benefit from writing out but just don't have the time or energy. Ah well. That just might be the way it goes. Summer plans have taken shape and between all the events planned and QC coming up next month I don't see it settling down any time soon. I hope I can keep up with the memories at least. Besides, who needs to dwell on negative thoughts, it's probably just a biproduct of the grump (thank you communists) that's going around this week. Pay it no mind and move along.


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Jul. 11th, 2015 04:47 pm (UTC)
I love reading your posts!
Jul. 12th, 2015 04:49 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks!

It's good to know someone is reading and I'm not shouting into the void. Not a lot of folks left on LJ these days.

Edited at 2015-07-12 04:51 pm (UTC)
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