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Okay just for a bit of fun. When I look back at old entires I'm shocked by the number of surveys I would fill out. That's kind of a passe thing. However, I saw Kellie (fightinjesuit) post this on Facebook and I was amused and mused on these questions that Andy didn't ask before we tied the knot. So just for fun i though't I'd address the ones that have come up or I know where we are at and I open it up to Andy (waldorkio) to say his piece if he so pleases.

37 Extremely Important Questions You Must Answer Before Getting Married Or You’re Doomed

1. How far out of your way would you travel to bring me home a burrito?
I have walked down to QFC for soup for Andy which involves walking up a steep-ass hill.

2. What is the maximum number of cats you’re comfortable with owning at one time?
I love the kitties but I don't think the pets should outnumber the humans, they already outnumber us in legs.
I think Andy is on the same page as this. Now the question of what kind of dog to get in the future is going to be a more awkward discussion.

3. Do you agree that our pets should not be allowed in the bedroom while we’re sleeping and/or sexing?
We agree on this one.

4. When we’re down to the last $12 for the week, will you buy apples or cheesecake?
I don't care for this question. I don't know how to answer it.

5. What is your stance on Halloween couple costumes?
Done it.

6. How far out of your way would you travel to bring me home a burrito if I’m having a really terrible day?
I mentioned soup earlier. I'll put this out there, I'd walk to the good mexican place to pick you up something instead of the bad burrito place? If you're having a bad day.

7. Jenny Schecter: entertaining or irritating?
I have no fucking clue who this is.

8. How many holidays per year are you prepared to spend with my grandmother in Florida?
Strike Florida and replace with Colorado where almost all of my extended family live. I'm never in a hurry to go back to Colorado so I wouldn't ask to spend every vacation there. Although I'm sure the day will come when Andy will need to join me in a visit down there Cant' say when that will be.
I really want to go down to the bay area to visit his "good" side of the family. Met his folks before they passed in Vegas.

9. Are multiple appetizers an acceptable substitute for an entree?
I think we'd probably agree that it depends on the place.

10. If our future child/ren refused to eat the meal we served them, how would you respond?

11. Will you expect me to text you as frequently once we’re married?
Neither of us are big texters. We text to communicate practical information like "I'm going to be home late" "Pick up creamer on your way home"

12. Who do you believe should control the music on road trips?
Oh good question. Before we've made mixed CDs together. I've plugged in my Mp3 player and played Dj. We sometimes just listen to the radio. I would think on a really long road trip (which we have yet to take) we'd go back and forth but then I don't have much pull becasue I can't do any of the driving

13. Blue and black, or white and gold?
I can see both, andy could only see blue and black.

14. How many times per week/month can I do a solo and/or friend activity without inviting you?
I usually once a week go to a show or hang out with Raye or something.

15. What level of communication and/or friendship is acceptable with regard to our exes?
I only have one ex I'm in contact with really.
Andy's in contact with a few exes on FB. I'm not easily jealous.
Between that kind of a non-issue.

16. What time/day is the best time/day to go grocery shopping?
Not Fred Myer on a holiday weekend, I think we can agree.

17. Are there any theme parks that you would absolutely never want to vacation to?
I have zero interest in Disneyland and I think we can both agree that it's not a place we need to go to.

18. Cram five days of clothes into carry-on, or pay $25 for checked luggage?
It seems like we got for the checked luggage if it's just bringing people back stuff but carry on for clothes and stuff.

19. What is your stance on reading each others’ texts and emails over each others’ shoulders?
We have to log eachother out all the time. i respect Andy's privacy.

20. What is the maximum amount of time that in-laws can stay under our roof?
I no longer have in-laws and my folks live in the city so kind of a non issue...unless we move to a different city or something. In which case we'd have to have this discussion.

21. Will you always expect me to be the one who carries cash in our marriage?
This goes back and forth, really. I don't expect either of us to, really.

22. Will you just finish the damn ice cream before buying and opening a new tub?
We do! Hey, wait, are we toally winning this game?

23. What are your precise expectations re: the level of gift-giving, surprising and romance on our wedding anniversary?
I think a nice fancy, romanitc meal is in order.

24. Will you expect me to stop [bad habit] once we’re married?
Ha ha!

25. At what level does the gas tank need to be filled up?

26. How do you feel about me keeping items from past relationships, e.g. jewelry, photos?
See #15. Your stuff is your stuff. I mean, if it's a problem it's probably a practical problem, like a pain in the ass to transport like a million baseball cards, then I'll say somthing. But I wouldn't demand that someone I love get rid of thier precious thing.

27. What is your stance on having a conversation while one of us is using the bathroom?
This happens often.

28. Who is responsible for insect removal?
Andy. hands down. But I'm on vomit detail so...not sure who's winning there.

29. What is your stance on engagement photos?
We didn't have the cash for that just used a photo we already had.

30. Will you allow me to name our future cat after a Harry Potter reference?
Replace 'Harry Potter' (boo) with The Young Ones and this has so already happened! Andy got me a ginger puss to name Vyvyan after my favorite sociopathic punk. I in turn have a terrified cat that bares no resemblence to his namesake.

31. Are there any TV shows that I absolutely must not watch until you get home?
Cutthroat Kitchen, if there's a second season of Fargo.

32. What level of social media exposure are you comfortable with?
Andy is a bit more TMI on FB but that' because I have this place to vent...into the void.

33. Does the cutlery get placed into the dishwasher handle up or handle down?
I say handle down (unless it's sharp knives) Andy goes handle up. We don't correct eachother much about it anymore just stew in the wrongness of the other. But I'm totally right.

34. How many hours early should you arrive at the airport prior to a domestic flight?
1 3/4 ish

35. Do you think it’s ok to buy the giant size mayonnaise container that will last forever and force you to put your entire hand inside the jar to get to the bottom of it six months from now? Or do you think it’s an all-around better plan to buy the very small container of mayonnaise that will run out in a very reasonable amount of time and won’t require you to be elbow-deep in mayonnaise?
Small container of mayo no one likes getting thier hand covered in mayo (or in mycase not until it's part of the tuna soup sandwhich). For what it's worth I dig Costco but that's not how Andy shops so...

36. If/when you wear an item of my clothing, how promptly will you launder it so that I can have it back?
Laundry day is Sunday or Monday if we're busy or lazy on Sunday

37. When you need to order food for both of us, but I’m not available to tell you my preferences, what will you order?
I think I trust Andy to know what I like. I would be less confident to order for Andy though beacuse he can be less predictable, but I know to order a side hot dog if they're on the menu. :P

So most of those things weren't discussed before we got married. Except for maybe the silverware in the dishwasher thing and some others. I don't know. I think we'll be all right, Curious to see what Andy has to say though. That was fun for me to fill out but I started to realize how boring it must be to read and I'm like, Yeah, married people are borning. ha ha.


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