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So I got back from a weekend getaway, wherein I was somewhat off the grid, and checked my email Monday morning to find something astonishing waiting for me.

From: [former abusive boss]
To: Mir

Hi Miranda,

How are you?
I would like to ask you if you are interested in coming back to [former workplace] as operations manager or work part time ?

Thank you,

[Former Abusive Boss]

I was shocked, befuddled and amused. Never did I expect her to come crawling back to me. Did she forget the fact that I quit? Did her narssissism cause her to forget the fighting at the end and me expressing how massivly unhappy I was? If she had any recolection what went down, It's laughable that she would ask me to return. Then again, when I quit she was shocked when i said I feared for my job every day so I guess she is pretty clueless.

What I can infer from this is that my former co-worker, Irene, finally left. Either she got fed up with the boss's childish behaviour and rampent temper or maybe she's going back to school like she said she wanted to. (Either way good for her.) I looked her up on Linkedin to try to confirm but didn't see any change. However, the position my former boss offered me was the name of Irene's position so that's a clue.

After the initial schock and hilarity of it I figured I should respond....eventually. She sent the email on Friday morning. I was off the grid all weekend. I figured, let's pretend I was off the grid an extra day while I think of my reply. Oh I thought this was the chance to tell it like it is. Remind her of how miserable she made me. Let her know that I'm still working on deprograming myself from the negative thoughts and automatic self flogging that comes from being in an abusive relationship. That I'm finally learning to forgeive myself for my mistakes. That I'm not a stupid incompotant person as she made me feel (or flat out called me, whist screaming at me). I thought maybe it's time I let her in on a little secret that after she would berate me for 45 minutes at a time, that I would often go to the bathroom and legitimately contimplate opening the 10th story window and make my exit that way rather than have to go back into the office and face her. This was a chance to delare my liberation from her and the power she had over me. I'm getting back to being the person I was before she broke me. I no longer dread every work day. It's time for her to realize, to understand that she can't rely on people and treat them the way she does and succeed.

And although all of these thoughts came to mind when the oppertunity arose, when it came down to replying, or actually stringing thoughts together cohereantly, it wasn't coming out. I wasn't feeling it. Maybe because I realized she has no power over me any more. Maybe it's becasue I imagine she's paniced and scrabling and getting her just desserts and I'm just too classy of a broad to kick someone when they're down. Even if said person made me miserable for 15 months. I kept my reply short and to the point, but I think, all around it still says (subtextually) everything I wanted to say above.

My response...

[Former abusive boss],

I'm happily settled into a salaried position with benefits and a positive, supportive work environment. I'm not interested in returning to [her company].
Good luck,

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