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Always playing catch up, me. One of these days I'll be on top of my Mir goings-ons that I feel obligated to write for when the Alzheimers kicks in and I wish to remember my life, and I'll actually get to write about thoughts on the bigger picture, the world around me and signs of the times and what not.

But in the mean time. Hey did you know we had another cabin weekend on Heron Island, future forgetful Mir?

Cabin Weekend
The weekend of Aug 21-23 a bunch of us went down to Tracie's family cabin on a private islad, as we did last year. This time around it was Andy and myself, Tracie, Dorothy, Rob and Raye, Lindsey, Jeff and Lisa, and Samuel. Andy and I took Friday off and we were the first to head out of town with Tracie and Dorothy in tow. Dorothy wasn't awake when we called her up so she had a hurried packing session before getting in the car. We got to the ferry early enough to be the first in line and we had some time to kill before it came so Tracie Dororthy and I hung out on the beack and looked at SeaDollers and dead goueyducks. When we got to the island we had a number of hours to wait before the rest of the folks showed up in the mean time we just relaxed. We played lawn darts for a bit. We went down to the beach, walked along it for a while and harassed crabs. By harassing crabs I mean we turned over big rocks and Tracie obviously well experienced in picking them up quickly and she would hold them and we'd play with them. I only had enough balls to hold in my hands a teeny tiny crab for half a second but I enjoyed harassing the crabs. The biggest crab we found we named fred and brought it back to the cabin with us and gave it a little home. He was our mascot for the weekend.

Eventually everyone else showed up all at once and we helped them unload their stuff and the drinkin' kinda began. Raye and Rob made pizzas that were yummy. I didn't get legless becasue I had my heart set on swimmin' the next day and didn't want to feel hungover.

Saturday morning everybody got up pertty late, like 11ish, myself included. Samuel made breakfast for everybody as most came to from thier hangovers. Eventually after breaky and some lounging it was time to hit the  cold, clear water of the Puget Sound. With beers and towles in hand, Andy, Raye, Rob, Sam, Dorothy and I hit up the beach and got in the water. It was cold at first but one got used to it (well except Rob, but he's just skin a bones, none of that American insulation. Playing in the water was probably my favorite part of the cabin trip. It was what I was most looking forward to and I was dying giggling. Mostly laughing at Samuel's fabulous beach get up...

He was just bobbing in the water like that, floating away signing Elton John, drinking Pino Griegio from a juice box.
Rob: Why do I have a feeling that's the way we're going to have to describe him to the authorities for the missing persons report?
Me: He died doing what he loved.
And when Samuel wasn't making me laugh my ass off,  Rob had me covered with his Scubba Steve impression.

Meanwhile, while we were having all this fun, Jeff and Lisa went fishing a number of times during the trip.

Sadly the haze was not breaking but we found out later that the haze wasn't so much clouds but smoke from the fires in Eastern Washington. More on that later.

Once we were done with the beach we headed back up to the cabin and after a while I spearheaded the movement to get badmitten set up. me and the guys put it together and we got some games going. It was super fun! I hadn't played badmitten since like 2nd grade I'd bet, maybe 9th at the latest. I enjoyed it so much I wish I didn't have a big tree in our yard so I could play it at home. Ah well.

Action shot!
That evening Andy and i were up for making dinner. Again, we made carne asada, rice and beans a kind of taco bar. The steak marinated for 48 hours and we used some of the hot peppers that we grew in the maradane so I'm  doublly proud.

We stuffed everybody and, like the year before, had loads of left overs. People resumed drinking and we played some night games of badmitten which was somehow even more fun than in the afternoon. Maybe the extra handicap of drunkennes and gassiness from Mexican food made it all the more hilarious.
The people in the cabin next to us had gone out crabbing and decided they had their fill of crab so they gave a bucket of fresh crabs to us to take. While I was playing late night badmitten with Rob and Sam and Andy, a bunch of the others were ripping open some crabs and getting the meat out. Hooray for free crab! We divvyed it up and everyone ended up with probably $25 bucks worth of crab each. Winning! After the badmitton game, once the folks cleaning the crab were done, a handfull of us went down to the beach to clean out the big mettal bucket of all the crab shells. When we went down there to dump all that in the sound we were treated to a late night nature show. We saw bigger crabs fighting, bigger than any we saw in the day, We saw an amazing jellyfish and a failed attempt of the jellyfish to lure in a crab. It was fascenating and it kinda weirded me out to think that onlly hours earlier I was swimming in that very water.

Sunday was clean up day. Tracie made Sweedish pancakes (as she did last year) and everyone did their part to make the cabin look as it did when we first showed up. Though we all pitched in some of us took breaks to feed a bunch of deer that had come by. First there were a few doe and a little baby, who were all a bit skiddish and wouldn't come too close. Then came the bucks and they were fine with coming up to us and eating out of our hands They were even a bit greedy.

Once we got everything clean we got back on the little ferry and headed home. It was when we hit Tacoma we relized just how bad the haze was from the fires across the state. It was bleak and once we got back to Seattle, that amazing view of the city when you come around the bend on I-5, you could barely make out the buildings and forget seeing the Puget Sound. It was all grey and hazy. I wish I took a picture of it but my phone was pretty much dead at the time.
All in all it was a good weekend. No one really wanted to leave the cabin and go back to city/adult/workin life. We all just wanted to stay at the cabin for at least another week.

On Aug 27th the board of THeater Schmeater had a Staff and Doner appreciation party at the Yaught Club on Lake Union. There was cheest, nibbles, deserts and plenty of free wine. The board gave us staff folks gifts. I talked to the board member who actually came out and supported QC and she just loved it, which made me really happy. It turned out that me, Jessamyn and Teri all showed up in similar black and white polkadot dresses (how embarssing). The Board gave us all gifts and thanked us one by one. I drank more and more free wine. It was a good time. I felt appreciated in the best way I know how, getting kinda hammard.

Schmee staff and board.

Thursday NIght Lights (Football)
Ages ago, or at least if felt like ages ago, Raye coordinated a buch of us (me, Andy, Raye, Rob, Jeff, Lisa, James and origionally Tracie but it ended up Sam had to take her ticket) to go see a Seahawks pre-season game of Raiders vs. Seahawks. The significance of choosing that game was becasue Rob was a Raiders supporter. (boo) When Rob first came to the states last fall he visited his freinds in Vegas first and they got to him first and got him to support the Raiders. So this would be a chance to talk shit, make bets and enjoy some team rivalry in the stands as well as on the field.
However what I wasn't privvy to until we got to the game was that Rob had a surpirse in store for Raye, Before they headed to the staduim Rob surprise Ray by taking off a raiders jacket and exposing a buch of blue and green Seahawks gear. He's been converted.
Andy picked me up from the Schmee and we waited through traffic to get to the staduim while the others prefunced and caught up with us at the game. The seats were amazing. I'm really glad Raye sprung for the slightly more expensive seats because we got an amazing view of the game and the city.


THe crew

I know what you're thinking; That's a lot of selfies, did you even watch the game? Yes. I watched the game. I was engaged too. I stood up. I cheered! I booed I yelled "first down" and "touchdown" when appropriate. I high fived. I did my 12th man duty of screaming at the top of my lungs when the other team had the ball (I think that's my favorite part. There's something deeply fulfilling about letting out loud primal screams in a crowded space. I understand the appeal now.) It's just there is also a fuck ton of waiting time in football and I got a new camera the weekend before so give me a break. You'll note in the background there's a kid in a Pats jearsey and yes, for the record that whole family (even if the dad was from England) can go fuck itself. The kid behind Andy was annoying him, poking him and farting all night, they were both little shits but we couldn't really complain because we had some rowdy drunky-pants in our party.
In the end, the Hawks very handidly won. So Rob should consider himself lucky to have been a turncoat becasue he would have had to endure all mannor of shit talk otherwise.

Labor Day Weekend
In all honesty I started working on this blog weeks ago and I havn't been able to get around to finishing it and the more time that I have lagged behind in getting it done the mroe stuff that happened of course. I really didn't mean for this to be my post for the end of the summer. But there is is, Labor Day Wekkend happened.

Saturday of the 3 day weekend Andy and I busted ass working on the yards. We needed to get the front and back yards looking presentable for the BBQ we had planned for Labor Day on Monday. We worked on the yards and also took on the project of freplacing the seats of the picnic table in our back yard. We just finished putting the new contact paper on our seats when we heard thunder. We cleaned up real quick and headed down the road to Amy & Josh's house warming party. It was neat we mostly hung outside drinking Rainers, smoking and talking to people. We met a coop couple who also also live in the neighborhood, (Yeay Crown Hill) There was a lot of talk about London as bot Dan and Kristin and Amy and Josh had just gone on trips over there. And I love talking about my second city. We couldn't stay too long becasue the house was still a fucking mess and when we got home we put some more hours into cleaning up before crashing.

Sunday we cleaned some more in the day and I had tickets to go see Weird and Awesome with Raye, Rob, and Dani. While I was still cleaning, we noticed Sparky was not feeling well. He wasn't acting right. I hated to leave him but I had to go meet up with Dani and get a ride up to Capitol Hill. The four of us had dinner at Bills Off Broadway. After the development of that building it looks surpisingly similar in there. The food and prices seemed to have not changed. We went for another drink at Unicorn before going to the show. The show was a blast. Raye won the first round of prizes. Funny their luck. They got the tickets as a prize Rob won at QC, now they were winning prizes at Weird and Awesome.

The show was great. Due to that weekend being Bumbershoot, Emmett had on a couple of non-local comedians at the end and the last guy had us in fucking stitches. It's too bad Andy couldn't come with he would have really found this guy funny too. Unforutnitly Andy was having a rough night with a very sick Sparky. I won't go into the details but there was some severe butt problems going on with our little guy. :( Despite all the work we put into cleaning and the money we had already spent on food, I was prepared to cancel the BBQ if need be.

Labor Day, Sparky seemed to be feeling much better but I woke up feeling sick. I still thought about cancelling but I was seeing people post about the food they were going to bring and I felt bad. I would just rally and try not to get anyone sick. I had a good time. I was glad we didn't cancel. Though for the most part I did a lot more listening than talking and just took it all in. There was also a lot of people who hadn't been to our place before so it was fun to give the tour again and stuff. Though to be honest by about 8pm I was ready to get everybody out so I could rest.

Albee came over and brought Haystack with him and Sparky and Haystack got along just fine. Maybe becasue she's a lady or becasue she is an old, laid back girl but the two of them got along just fine. Little did I know then, however, that Haystack would not be with us by the end of the week. She's been suffering from seizures and on Thursday she had her last. It breaks my heart that Ablee had to say good bye to such a sweet soul. Also I guess in light of Sparky being sick this past weekend, Haystacks passing was a reminder for me that Sparky's getting up there in years too and in the road ahead more things like this happening to him is very likely and it's not going to be easy.

Sparky meets Haystack

RIP Haystack

Sorry to end on the bummer note of a dead dog. But it has hit me kinda as a reminder to love and cherish the time we have with our little guy. Who, this week, has been such a good dog, Both  Andy and I have been home sick with this shitty cold and Sparky has been there for us as a sweet and loving little cuddle buddy.

I love this little dude so much.

 If the end of this blog makes you sad, go back and look at the picture of Samuel in the Puget Sound for a laugh. I did. :D

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