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Some more spooky shit

Okay so last fall you may remember I wrote about some spooky-ass shit that went down in our house in fact almost exactly a year ago was when the most spooky thing happend when I woke up to find one of my Dali art books(that lived on a bookshelf in the office) on the floor in the bedroom open to a spooky page. By looking at those old posts just now to write this I find it interesting that it is ecactlly a year since that last phenomenon. Surely that must be significant but before I delve into that let me get into what happened this week as especially last night.

Shoes & Footsteps
Before I get into what happened last night let me say that there was the precurser weirdnesses this week. There were two nights that Andy was in the office and heard footsteps upstairs. One of those nights I head it too, the other time it happened when I was already in bed. Early in the week, on Tuesday, I rushed home to have my Skype date with Cathy when I noticed that Andy's tennis shoes in the office. This seemed strange 'cause it was a work day, Andy wears his work shoes to work and we had cleaned up on the house over the weekend and had put them away.  In fact, Andy hadn't worn those shoes since Rob was still in town and we went out to a park to play a bit of baseball. We had put his tennis shoes away in the bedroom. Neither of us had moved them since they were put in the bedroom by the shoe rack. I suppose it's entirely possible that Sparky could have moved them but it would be weird for him to move the pair. He's a dog it's not like he has a concept of pairs but I suppose it's still possible.

I've also had a "maybe one of us sleep walks" theory to possibly explain some of these anomolies, like things moving from their home. That theory simply could not apply last night...

Spooky shit!
So last night I went to bed at around 2am Andy stayed up and was in the office on the computer. A little after 3, I was sound asleep but was woken up by a loud noise that sounded like one of the doors slamming. It woke me up but my first thought was that maybe it was Sparky banging at the bathroom door begging to be let in, he does that sometimes, but this did seem much louder. Then I heard Andy call out from the office "Sweetie was that you?" and I replied "No."
"Did you hear that?" Andy called back
"Yeah...it woke me up." I replied.
Andy then came in the bedroom and said that he saw that the door to the upstairs was wide open. That was the door that sounded like it had slammed. It slammed alright but open, in fact there's a little dent in the dry wall where the doorknob hit. The door was latched, as it pretty mcuh always is. Sparky was on the couch and Vyvyan was in the office with Andy. Despite it having been a windy day, at that hour (we went out for a cigarette, kind of shaken later) the air was still. Andy said that previous to the door swinging open, he had heard footsteps upstairs again while he was in the office.
That certianly wan't me sleepwalking. I woke up in the same position I had fallen asleep. Although the door is question is adjacent to the door to the bedroom, ithe way the door opens, I couldn't swing the door in then close the door to the bedroom behind me without that, too making a closing sound. Andy was still awake. Unless he's fucking with me, he certainly wasn't sleepwalking.
Sparky seemed spooked as well.
Andy grabbed a flashlight and investigated upstairs. After a while I heard him call out.
"Honey, where'd you leave your lap top?"
"On the table." I called back. I've got an eliptical machine up there and I've been trying to get back into the habit of working out after work and while I work out I watch stuff on Netflix on my laptop. I last worked out Thursday night and when I was done, I closed the window for Netflix, then just closed my laptop and left if plugged in and on the little table up there.
When Andy went upstairs last night he found my laptop unplugged and sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. That sent chills down my back. It seemed similar to the time I found the  Dali book in the center of the walking space in the bedroom. I asked Andy to bring my laptop and the cord downstairs to me.
Both a bit spooked we went out for a cigarette. The pets followed into the livingroom and both seemed a bit curious, looking in the direction of the door to the stairway. Eventually we both took sleepy time pills to curb the axiety and went to bed.When we tried to sleep we heard what sounded like a rat or mouse in the walls. In case there was one upstairs we left the door from the bedroom to the stairs open for kitty to explore up there and do his pest control job so that kept us up a little bit later.  When we woke up this morning both the pets were sleeping at the foot of the bed, like they were standing guard.

So yeah. Last night was pretty spooky. I was, I think legitimately, freaked out. Then this morning looking back at old posts I can't help but find it significant that this is pretty much exactly a year from the weekend when the Dali thing happened. Again, though we colloquially call it "the ghost" I still don't belive in ghosts. Being an athiest I'm not buying the fall back explaination of a spirit of a dead person in our house. Being a Doctor Who fan I'm more keen to say wibbly wobbly timey wimey or something. But all the same I am capable of accepting that these weird things are happening that I just can't explain. I'm not too proud to deny that it does give me heebejeebees some times. Last night probably moreso than ever, or at least since the Dali thing. I don't know what to make of it but I still can't rule out the timing as mere coinincidence...though it could be.

Anyway if more of these things happen I am going to document them here. I want to take an empirical approch to this. Does this happen more when the house is messy? After we cleaned? Do our actions even matter at all? Is it a time of the year thing (it was quiet for a long period of time in the spring and summer)? Who can say. Just try to be aware. Watch this space.

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