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Spooky shit #2

Okay, I said I would record when spooky shit happens. Well time to document another weird thing. So last night, I was chillin' in the living room, catching up on the episode of Dr Who that I missed on Saturday while Andy was taking a nice long bath to relax and wash away the stress of the Met's loss. Suddenly I heard three vrey loud pounding noises. It sounded to me as if something really heavy had fallen and hit stuff on the way. like a DUH-DUH-dum. I paused the DVR and, once again, Andy and I called to eachother to see if that was the other. It wasn't me, and it wasn't Andy falling in the tub or anything. I got up and went to him in the bathroom.

From where Andy was sitting, all volunerable and naked in the tub reading a magazine, there were actually three things that happened almost simultaneously Apparently the light flickered in the bathroom in a weird way, then the three loud bangs that I heard, and then Andy heard a bit more that sounded like footsteps or mabe a pet bounding in the bedroom. The lights, well our bathroom lights are wonky and do flicker often, though have been known to just turn off (spooky) and Andy said this kind of flickering was different. As for the banging and the footstep sounds it was possible the pet were getting into something. However, Sparkry was cuddled on the couch with me. I went into the bedroom and checked Vyvyan's usual hiding places--under the bed, behind the curtains, in the closet--and didn't see him anywhere. I looked around the house for the cat only to find him in the office, sleeping peacefully on one of the office chairs.

Andy said the bumping sound sounded like it was coming from the wall of the bathroom/bedroom closet. Now the other night we cleary heard a rat in the wall, perhaps it's possible that something in the wall colapsed oand crashed down maybe. (Gosh, which is, in itself, a terrible thought that the house is almost crumbling around us.)

Things to note, some may be significant some may not. On a scale of 1-10 (1being immaculate and 10 being the messiest we've ever been) the house is at maybe a 3 or 4. The stress level has been pretty high since probably last Friday. We've had a very stressful issue with a friend that we've discussed at length and has been a cause of dissapointment, frustration, guilt and all-around bad vibes. Andy's been stressed about the Mets in the playoffs and yesterday was not a good day (nor was Saturday come to think of it). I watched Dr Who on Saturday and last night which was a two parter again, for what it's worth, and a ghost story (insofar as Dr Who allows, which is more wibbily-wobbly-timey-wimey and alien involed). So yeah, not sure what other elements are of note, really.

Anyway. File under spooky shit.


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Oct. 15th, 2015 05:29 am (UTC)
I was wondering if the ghostie had visited you guys lately.

Also, you should watch paranormal investigations on Netflix. It made me laugh so hard. They have the person who thinks their house is haunted, a home inspector and a couple paranormal experts. The home inspector never thinks anything spooky is going on where the paranormal people act like it's full of dead people.
Oct. 15th, 2015 04:51 pm (UTC)
Yep there's been some spooky explainable things happening this week.

I've not heard of that show, but I'll check it out.

I like the TAPS guys Ghost Hunters show okay mostly because they often debunk stuff. (I watch it on sick days, you think it would be spooky but there's a rhythum to the episodes and people being in the dark helps me fall asleep) We watched an Episode of Ghost Adventures ONLY because they were visiting Manresea Castle where we got married and oh my god that show is horrible. They made mountains out of mole hills and completely over dramatized everything. I also think they stage a bunch of stupid "activity" A phone rang and they were like "oh it's the ghost!" and Andy and I were screaming at the TV. NO, you can't just jump to that conclusion! Phones ring all the time! Answer the bloody phone!

Edited at 2015-10-15 04:52 pm (UTC)
Oct. 16th, 2015 03:44 am (UTC)
My parents have a haunted house in Arizona and had the TAPS people come out. Apparently, not as haunted as it used to be.

They bought the house (after my mom asked if anyone died in it lol) and were told that the owner died in the hospital. My mom was out on the back porch one day and the sliding door screen flew off the track. The doorbell was ringing but no one was there.

My dad started looking into it because one of their neighbors said that owner had a heart attack and died in the house. My dad found the police report and found out that the owner had committed suicide in the house.

So my parents had the guys come out and they did some investigations in the house. They have tape recorders where you can hear spooky voices when they were asking questions. My mom said during one they were sitting in the room he killed himself in, with all the crew, lights were out in the house. They asked a question and the light in the hallway flipped on. During that visit, I think they were doing the same thing in the living room, all lights off, everyone sitting still and the motion detector light in the living room went off.

I don't know what I believe, but I haven't been down to their Arizona house because…I'm a little spooked out.

Oct. 16th, 2015 05:22 pm (UTC)
So were your folks on the show? Like I could look up the episode? Or did the TAPS guys just come out? And I thought there was some law that realtors had to say if someone died in the house (if they are aware) or maybe it's a myth.

The other thing about those shows, even TAPS, it seems so convenient that when they visit the houses stuff happens. Months can go by with nothing happening. Everyone who has pet sit for us says nothing has happened. Nothing happens when we have company or house guests..and we put up hose guests upstairs.

I don't believe in ghosts. Even with the weird stuff that has been happening. When weirdness happens I try to come up with a possible explanation, but sometimes I can't or my possible explanation isn't always plausible, if that makes sense. The stuff I can't explain I just accept that I can't explain it and it's weird. I don't like making the, to me, illogical jump of "something happened that I can't explain" to "oh it must be dead people" To me that's just a ridiculous jump.

However, when Andy and I talk about it we call it "the ghost" because a) he does believe (this is not his first merry-go-round) and b) it's just easier to call it that than "the series of strange anomalies." That's a mouthful. :P

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