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Odds and ends

Here's some odds and ends of other stuff that has been happening.

Dental Work
In October i bit the bullet and went to the dentist for the first time in 15 years. The last time I had been to a dentist was in high school after I got my braces off. I was really parinoid about it, as it had been so long, but I went to the dentist Dani reccomended me to and I like them a lot. Over the weeks I've had my cleanings and that filling I got 15 years ago replaced. It's been kinda uncomfortable but the good news is that I'm doing okay. My teeth are still strong, they say. No new caveties except for some in my wisdom teeth but those have got to go anyway. That's the next step but it will be at a different office. I'm thinking I'll have to put that off till the new year for financial reasons. I'm kind of terrified at what it will cost since our dental is a pay upfront and get reimburssed deal. Thing is, now that I've seen the x-rays and understand how fucked up my wisdom teeth are, the more I feel them and want them out. It's probably entirely psychosymatic, I try to remind myself, but it still hurts. One of them is totally sideways. There's one that doesn't exist but it's counter-part on the top, keeps growing. It was explained to me that they keep growing until they find their match. Which in this case, how tragic, there's no match to meet. How depressing. So yeah. That's on like to do list for 2016.

A couple weekends ago (Nov 14) Raye and I got together to celebrate our 10 year friendaversary. Neither of us can remember the exact date of when we met but it was around the holidays of 2005 and since the holidays are a time where everyone gets really busy (I don't have a free weekend until after the new year for example.) We met up in Georgetown for drinks. There was this Burningman art thinggy going on that we were planning on checking out but it was pouring rain so we just bar hopped a little and still got the people watching is when the burners came into the bars. In the effort to save money we then hopped on a bus, bought beer and brought it back to her place to sit around in her room and chat. We talked about her and Rob's plans with marriage and immigration. I wish there was more I could do to help them. It's so difficult to navigate it really helps to lawyer up but that's too expensive. (What pisses me off is that the system is rigged to be so much easier if you have money). I got to talk about some stuff that I think I deeply needed to talk to my BFF about, like what happened with Meredith and how it affected me. The hours passed way too quickl as we talked.  I looked at my phone and saw I had a missed call from Andy and it was like 12:30. Oh shit. Well another beer and I'll call my Uber. It was good BFF time.

Hit by a car
On Friday, Nov, 20, I was at work, I was sick with a cold but I couldn't afford to take the day off. Too much urgent stuff to do in the morning. I was faring okay but around the lunch hour the day quill I took in the morning was wearing off and I needed to get more at Walgreens. So on my lunchbreak I bundled up and headed out that way. As I was crossing Denny at 6th, I had the right of way, a car going south on 6th, making left turning on to Denny stared coming into the crosswalk. I stopped, but then it looked like it hesitated so I went and he just hit the gas and hit me in the cross walk. I didn't get knocked onto the pavement or anything, just got splayed across his hood for a mintue. When I hopped back and opened my arms to give him the "what the fuck" look he popped his head out the window and just said "sorry I didn't see you" and drove off. I didn't get his plate number in time but he was in a black sedan or town car and the guy was wearing a hat and suit so he was obviously a driver, he probably didn't want to lose his job. I didn't know what to do, except get out of the street as quickly as possible. I funbled to get his plate number on my phone but missed the chance. I just went into Walgreens and was very upset. I was physically okay, nothing hurt but I was in shock and emotional. I had a very "what the fuck is wrong with people" and "I don't need this shit, I wasn't feeling well to begin with , now this?" overwhelming me. I posted on FB about the hit and run and I was universally advised to report it to the cops. I didn't want to but I started to think they were right so I called it in and two cops showed up at work and took my report. Probably nothing will come of it but I'm glad I made the report and now I have a better idea of what I should do in the future should I get hit by a car again, which, of course, hopefully I don't.

Spooky Shit
I've been behind in blogging so in turn I've been behind in noting the spooky shit that has happened in the house. Lets see. I wasn't there for this one but when I was out with Raye for our friend-aversary Andy was chillin' at home, listening to music on the computer with this headphones on he heard sparky barking at one point but didn't think anything of it. Then later he walked into the kitchen to find it looking like this...

This is a recreation from when Andy was explaining it to me when I got home becasue he didn't take a picture, but yeah he walked in to find pots and pand pulled our from the cupboards and sitting in the middle of the floor. I can't speak too much for this becasue I wasn't there.
Then the night of thanksgiving after I had gone to bed, I had both the dog and the cat in the bedroom wiith me. Andy was in the office when he noticed that the door to teh bathroom was opening and closing over and over again at diffent speeds. This wasn't like the time that a door randomly slammed open, but it was slowly swing open and closed but he said the speed kept chaning. When he told me about it, my first thought was that maybe it was a draft from the hearter turning on and off but we have had the heater on for a while now and it has not been strong enough to move the batroom doors before. So that was a weird one. I might note thant we watched a spooky movie before going to bed.
Then yesterday Andy and I went out for lunch to come home to find a drawer in the bedroom and a drawer in the office had been opened. For what it's worth he had left the TV on for the dog while we were out and the Sundance channel was playing The Shinning. Not a big one this, but I want to notate these things. Also as for how the house has been for the last two we've been keeping the house super clean becasue we've been entertaining guests for Thanksgiving and And's birthday. Speaking of which...

Thanksgiving and Andy's birthday.
Thankgiving was nice an low key. We had my folks over and we did Turkey, stuffing, mashed truffle potatoes, peppercorn, greenbeans and butternut squash. We ate, cleaned up and played some trivial pursuit and laughed quite a bit.
The next day was Andy's 40th birthday We had a small gathering and had my folks, Dani, Christine and Corey, Luke and Angie, Raye, Samuel, Lindsey and David over. Dani got this X-Box version of You Don't Know Jack that you use with your cell phone and in setting this up, Luke totally hooked us up so that we can finally use our X-box to watch Netflix and stuff, which we thought we had to do a paid XBox live account for, but apparerntly not. So that was sweet. We played the games on there with out phones, smoked, ate, drank, again, had a lot of laughs. Andy was pretty bummed on his birthday what with the Planned Parenthood shooter in Colorado Springs, some friend drama, and just turning 40 in general, but the party, and our friends around him, turned his mood around. Plus, he got some sweet b-day gifts, My folks and I got him a new lapotop and he got lots of Star Wars stuff from folksplus some cash to help pay off the big b day gift, the Mets game in NYC.  

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