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Oy vey what a freakin' busy weekend. A surprise party, QC (with lots to do before hand and loads of anxiety), open auditions at the Schmee, and the superbowl. It was far from a restful weekend. Let's get to it.

Rob's Surprise Party
Rob hit town on Thursday. A while ago Raye learned that Rob has never received a surprise party, and that just ain't right. So she organized a welcome back surprise party for Friday night at the Belltown Pub. Becasue Raye works evenings the part was later, at like 9:45. It's always rough to go out again, once you go home, I find, especially on a cold, blustery night like Friday. Andy and I couldn't stay long becasue he was exhausted and I still had work to do for QC. But of course we wanted to be there and headed down to Belltown. Actually, it was really good to back out with my friends. Usually the week leading into QC is so busy for me I turn into a hermit and spend all my free time at home, working on the show, glued to my laptop. This of course had been the case all week so to step away for a while and joke and laugh with the living was a welcome distraction.

The Webbs brought a bunch of party accoutrements, like the party hats, noisemakers and a tiara and sash for Rob. We had the upstairs area mostly to ourselves 9there were some other people using the pool table) other than that it was ours. There was a good turn out. The Webbs, Dani, Samuel, David, Derek, Sarah And Will, Jeff and Lisa, Lindsey, James, even some of Raye's co-workers.  Raye had a rouse going on that they had late night dinner reservations after she got off work but they were to stop off at the pub before thier reservations. When Rob got there he was completely taken by surprized and quite chuffed. I got viedo of it, but I literally couldn't be further away whtn the surprise was revieled. I was good to see Rob and have him back. There was a rule for the weekend of no talking about immigration and no talking about moving/loss of Melrose.

We stuck around for a little while and got some face time with Rob before we had to bounce and head home, where I was up till 1:30 finishing cards for the show.


QC was on Saturday. We were booked for the Ballard Underground which we rented. This one was a difficult one for me, although, *spoiler alert* it all turned out okay. Aadvance ticket sales were sluggish and slim. I was really afraid of having no one show up. I also had no luck with the prizes. I delegated the job of getting prize items to a person at the schmee and she didn't have any luck with Ballard businesses. On top of that, the cards that we ordered didn't come until Friday! Which was not much help for promotion. So I was kinda paniced and terrified of the prospect of having rented this space to have no one show. On Saturday I ran around Ballard and dropped off cards at the few businesses left that have communitty boards/area for that type of thing, and I bought gift cards for prizes. I spent too much dough but I was anxious. Then I didn't get the heads up from my dad to let us know that he had left the schmee and had gone to Ballard so Andy and I were late, waiting for that text.

However, it turned out okay. We still lost some money but would have broke even if there were just 4 more walk ups. We had about 22 people pluse some people who paid but were no shows. As for the show itself, it was fucking hystraical!

So a lot of anxiety over nothing. Sure I would have loved a more full house but it was nothing close to my fears, so I can calm down. And the show was great and really fucking funny. So, calm down, Mir.

Football Finale at Melrose
Sunday during the day I volunteered to help with general auditions but I took the job of watching the door, so I had plenty of time to read a book (much needed). After that was over I headed up the hill to Melrose for what will very likely be the last footbal gathering in the bulding to watch the SuperBowl. The last couple of years, we've been lazy and had Super Bowl at our house but I've been to a couple of footbal Sundays over at Melrose every season and it's always been fun. Now that the buliding has been bought it was important to me to go to this last one. I know my body well enough to know not to induldge in shot time on a school night but still suffered a bit from stuffing myself with too much of Arik's yummy food. I also saw Sarah A. for the first time in 2 years! It was good times although bitterweet. Tracie was there and apparently she's going through the same thing at her apartment and is weighing her options. Such bullshit.It makes me mad. People tried not to bring it up too much and just have fun, but of course it comes up. Oh yeah and the Broncos won so most were happy and my family back in Colorado were happy too.

Anywayit was still fun and it was still yummy and I'm very glad i was there with the Melrose crew.

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