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And again...

So Friday night we had the Cathy and Doug over to catch up while they were in town. It was the first time they had been to our house. Cathy had asked if anything weird had happened lately. I said no, it seems to happen during certian times of the year. I guess the house took that and said "challenge accepted." Last night at like four in the moring the was another loud slamming of a door that woke us all up. I had a kitty sleeping in my lap and he went from sleeping soundly to jumping three feet in the air and running under the bed. I was startled awake. A minute later Andy rushed in to see if i was all right. He said he heard a scream and then the sound of the door slamming. I didn't hear that part at all and if he was asleep that could have been him dreaming right before the slamming sound woke him up but he swears he heard that. He said he thought it was me, but it wasn't me. I was just startled by the slamming door, which we are not sure which door it was as they were all closed when we went to bed. Sparky was wakened by this too and was growling in the dining room for a while before Andy picked him up and put him on the bed with me before we went back to sleep.

So yeah, so much for my it only happens during certian times of the year theory. Just documenting for the record.

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