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Andy Encounters...

Last night spooky shit happened, but me. I didn't hear or see anything. So I asked Andy to write it down to log. Here's his first person narrative (written to me) about last night at around 11:45 or so. Take it away, Andy.,,

"I was in the office watching video of a protester interrupting a Hillary Clinton speech when I heard several very distinct, heavy footsteps directly above me. I froze. The TV in the living room was on, but it clearly did not come from that. Then as the program on TV was transitioning to commercial and it was momentarily quiet, I heard the footsteps again (sounding like running) -- moving away from directly overhead to deeper into the center of the house--above the smaller office door and over the laundry room and into the bathroom. I jumped up and ran into the bedroom and asked you if you heard that. You said no as you were falling asleep. I was a bit surprised because of how loud the footstep sounds had been, and I thought for sure that even if you had fallen asleep, it would have awoken you, but apparently, it did not. After a minute or two of talking to you (and you muting the bedroom TV and me running out to the living room to mute that TV, I returned and listened again, but did not hear a repeat of the sounds. I told you I was going to go upstairs and check. I opened the bedroom door to the stairs and flipped the light switch closest to the door and started up. Realizing after a few steps that that switch only illuminated the stairs, I headed back down a few steps and flipped the other switch that turned on the light in the smaller upstairs room and ascended the stairs. When I reached the top and turned my head, I had a clear line of sight into the big upstairs bedroom and immediately saw a blueish, perhaps slightly greenish light in the middle of the room. I immediately thought it was a reflection of something and took my glasses off --- the light was still there. I said "whoa" out loud as I put my glasses back on. The light still there, it had a shape to it, but no definition. It did not resemble a human being or any being for that matter -- just as mass, floating a few inches off the ground and measuring approximately five feet high. It appeared to turn toward me as I said "whoa" as I put my glasses back on. Then it quickly moved toward me, but descended seemingly into the floor below it after only a foot or so of heading toward me. This all happened very quickly -- within 3-4 seconds, it seemed. I turned and headed back downstairs, saying to you, "Well I think I just saw our ghost -- or whatever it is" and returned downstairs to tell you what I saw.
When we both went upstairs approximately five minutes later, there was nothing out of place, not lights or shapes -- just the empty, quiet room."


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Feb. 29th, 2016 04:43 pm (UTC)
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