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Mir's first Caucus & More new experiences

In the third installment of 'Mir catches up with her blog' let me get to last weekend where Andy and I were very productive in doing our civil duty, making headway in the garden beds and cleaning the house.

Saturday Washington State had it's caucus and Andy and I got our caucus on. This was my first ever caucus. I don't recall why didn't caucus in 2008 probably becasue i would have been cool with any Democrat after the Bush years and probably not having internet at home at the time might have had something to do with it. So yeah, this was my first time participating in a caucus.

It was crazier than I expexted but also at the same time kinda boring with a lot of waiting. Our neighborhood caucus was held at the middle school not too far from our house. It felt weird walking down the halls of a middle school and sitting in the cafeteria. Funny the way olfactory memory works, just the smell made so many memories come rushing though my head. Ever the punchual couple, Andy and I arrived early, and found our precinct right away so there was a lot of waiting as the cafeteria slowly filled up. To give you an idea about how full this cafeteria got, our precinct had 69 people in it. There were about 15 some precincts gathered in all who seemed to have roughly as many people in them each as our, if not more. As you can imagine it was quite cacophonous in there. At first there was a lot of of waiting and then confusion. The head of our precinct, who I would describe as reminding me of the old homeless man in Home Alone, was too soft-spoken for everyone to hear. We turned in our papers where we gave our preference. We had a Hilary lady collect the Hilary votes and a Sanders supporter take the votes for Bernie. Eventually it got too loud for us in there, and as it was a nice day we went outside to do the debate part. At the begning we were at 32 Hilary and 36 Bernie with one undecided voter. Andy volunteered to speak for Bernie Sanders and make his case and he did a good job. After both sides spoke thier peice the numbers didn't really change except the one undecided went with Hilary. Our precinct had 5 delegates and we all agreed to split 3 for Bernie and 2 for Hilary. I was tempted to be a delegate but I couldn't for reasons. So yeah, democracy in action. Met some of my neighbors and made my voice heard. It was acutally a lot more civil than I thought it would be. (Imagine that, people are more civil and respectful face to face than they are over the internet) I've gotten pretty sick of the fighting between the left in thier support for Hilary and Bernie. Both sides are guilty of treating eachother shittily in thier discourse over the internet. I'm pro-Bernie and would like to see him get the nomination but ultimately the greater eveil will be Trump who we need to unite against.

After the caucus, as it was still a nice, sunny day and all, Andy and i went to work on some gardening. We're working on trying to get all the rocks out of the garden beds and till the soil a bit before planting again. However, its a really tedious process. We worked on it the Sunday before with Raye and Dani over helping and only got through part of one bed before calling it when all were exhaused. We only have these little sifters, that makes the process go very slow. I had mentioned that Sunday when we were calling it quits with still two and a half more beds to go that we could seek help from a couple of day laberors who hang outside Home Depot. After Andy and I spent some time slowly doing the work on our own we decided that if we were going to tackle this project in time to plant stuff in the spring we were gonna need help. So off we went to the Home Depot. This whole thing made me feel very middle class and very guilty. The one thing they asked was for us to not help, even though I had planned to help. I understand why, we'd just be in the way and Andy says it's a pride thing, but it made me feel sooooo guilty to have someone else working on our home project. So instead I channeled all that anxiety into cleaning the inside of the house.

It was a bigger project than we thought. Even though they got the weeds out lickity split, so much faster than us, the rock issue was still quite tedious with the equiptment we had on hand. They devised this brilliant plan to work at the rock problem. Andy and one of the guys went to Lowes and picked up some tight chicken wire and they guys fashioned this sifting apparatus and he just hoveled the durt into. The dirt went through the fencing and the rocks dropped down at the foot of the appartus for him to shovel out. Pretty ingenious, really. We certianly wouldn't have thought of that. All the same about 80% of it project was completed by the time is was getting late and we gave them a ride. This was a new experience for me. I was able to do it becasue I had enough scratch to make it work due to 3 paychecks this monthIt's something I can now say I've done and something I'm glad to have done becasue they got some scratch and I got a step closer to getting to the fun part of gardening, picking out and planting our veggies!!

So excited for gardening season 2016 where Andy and I are going to approch our new hobby with a bit more thoughtfullness and planning than last year. 


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