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I know it's kind of pointless to post about an experience that is yet to pass but I've been looking forward to this day since before xmas when I got the tickets pre-sale. I absolutely adore Noel. The Mighty Boosh got me through very rough times. Plus I love him on Nevermind the Buzzcocks. It's also fair to mention that he's number 2 on my list, if you know what I mean. ;) He's doing a US tour and when i found out I was on those tickets like a wet flannel (Boosh joke). Seiously I think I might be the biggest fangirl for Noel in Seattle, but that's probably not the case, as you know, I draw a line in my fangirl obsessions. Also I think Rich Fulcher (of Mighty Boosh & Snuff Box) is opening who I'm also excited to see.I'm just sooooo excited for tonight!! It's gonna take forever to get here!

However, so far it looks like everyone else, at least through email or social media, has expressed that they're having a horrible day. So I feel like an asshole for being so damn excited I can't contain it. I want to be all...

Actually it's scary how apt this meme is. It really is Rex Manning day for reals, which is weird becasue i came up with the idea of doctoring this meme yesterday for today, having no idea this was the case. Crazy.

The Great Crown Hill Regrade
So the project of sifting the dirt in the garden boxes continues. Last weekend we built a propper screen, nice and sturdy, and finished up the first box (the one that the day laborer did most of and we just needed to finish up). We've been working on the project after work most days this week. Now we are soooo close to finishing the second box. One more to go after that. I've become kind of obsessed with this project. Whenever I make plans or something comes up that I gotta do (like bartend at the schmee) I think of it as loosing free time to work on this project. Like I really want to put it behind me becasue I want to get to planting. But at the same time, I also kind of enjoy the process. It feels like accomplishing something whilst also being kinda zen and you can kind of check out. Anyway because I've been dealing with these mounds of dirt piling up, and chipping away at other piles of dirt I've taken to calling it (in my head anyway) the great Crown Hill Regrade.

Spooky Shit
Yep there's more to log on the spooky shit front.  Last night, Andy was in the bath while I was in the office first doing my Spanish lessons, then dicking around on the internet. When Andy came out of the bathroom he asked if I heard footsteps or if I was clomping around the house. I said no, I've been planted in front of the computer and no I didn't hear any footsteps, possibbly becasue I was watching videos. He said he swore he heard footsteps upstairs, but he figured it wcould have maybe been me in the livingroom, but I didn't leave the office. For the record, this was around 9:30. He wanted to go upstairs to investigate and had me follow, though I was super reluctant.

When we got upstairs the first thing we noticed was that the door to the big room was closed. Last time I was up there was to put the luggage away after our trip and that door was open. Last time Andy might have been up there was to show Raye how much room there was up there as we're letting her store some of her stuff with us when she has to move out of Melrose. However, he coudn't remember if he actually went up there or not or if the door was closed behind him or not.

So we opened the door to the big room to find the elliptical was pushed over on it's side and the exercise ball was kind of shoved into a crevass between the base and the leg of the machine. I wish I had taken a picture but I didn't think to take my phone up there with me, and I didn't want to come back up after I went back downstairs. But, needless to say, neither of us left the machine like that. Last time I looked at that room, when I put the luggage away, the machine was upright. It's hard to say how long it's been like that. Neither of us has hear a loud thump for crash. There's still an imprent of the base of the machine in the carpet but it is a thick carpet, it could stay imprinted for a while.

Speaking of imprents in the carpet, I also notieced some strange lines in the carpet like something with wheels had moved around, but that might be nothing. That might be from when I moved my old desk up there ahile ago and the imprints might just still be there. Not sure.

Still though, the clearly disturbed exercise equiptment, is creepy enough. We left it as we saw it. I'll probably bring my machine down to the bedroom when Raye brings over her stuff so i can use it becasue, call me weird I'm not super keen on going up there by myself these days. I should probably give Raye a disclaimer that her stuff might get messed with up there by whatever it is that's doing this.

Fianlly, when I was in bed last night, I was roused awake at about 2am by Sparky growling at the ceiling, in the direction of the wall that divides thr bedroom from the stairs. He didn't bark but he growled and growled for a while. I was so tired and a little too spooked to investigate so instead I just tried to calm him down. It took some coaxing but I eventualy got him to go under the covers and I cuddled with him.

I don't know any factors as to triggers for this. I mean it was was rainy forever but as of late has been nice. The house has been in peaks and valleys as to varing degrees of dirtiness and cleanliness, depending on our schedules. We've had some work stresses, Andy was a bit grumpy on monday, but things have mostly been chugging along okay. I don't know. I really wish I could contact former tennants and ask them questions but that's not a possibility. So yeah, another curious event to log for the record.


  • A collegue from Goldsmiths announced on Facebook that her novel was picked up for publication by Viking/Penguin. That gave me mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong I am super happy for her success. She's a smart woman and obibiously more focused and dedicated than me, but it still stung. Makes me feel like I'm such a fuck up, here 5 years after completeing the Masters program and what the fuck have I written? I'm going to buy her book and support her, of course. I just am a bit jealous and dissapointed in myself. Now, luckily I'm in a day job I like and I've focused my creative energy on my comedy show, so I feel confident and fulfilled enough to feel these feelings and move on. Had I read this news and I was still at the old job, it might have pushed me over the edge. It also kind of stings becasue I have had the urge to write the last week but I haven't been sure what to write, nor have I really had the time. I've got beds of dirt to sift through.

  • Things at the day job are going pretty well. I think the relation between me and my new boss is starting to feel more comfortable and wearing in a bit. I've been working hard and been given some added responsibilities. I think I've given my new boss the impression that I'm hard working and compotent, which is clearly what I want. I mean ideally I'd love a raise since I am game to take on new responsibilities, but I know his hands are tied in the arena too. But as I have been working so hard, and I have lots of left over PTO days that expire at the beging of the new academic year (July 1st) that's a benefit I'm not giving up! Novelett is taking the weeks after commencement that I have taken in the past, which is fair. So I've opted instead to use mine on Fridays. Starting next week I've got 6 weeks of 4 day work weeks. I can't wait! Imagine all the dirt I could sift!

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