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Holy belated blogging, Batman!

Okay, as my last post was mid-April, clearly I've been lax on updating but it's actually because it's just been a crazy busy 3 weeks. So buckle in, there's a lot of ground to cover, this is gonna go long...

Melrose Farewell Party & Moving Raye
On April 23rd there was a party at Raye's apartment as a farewell to Melrose. Though we've all known about the fate of the building for a couple months now it really took that weekend for it to sink in. For me it started to hit the day before when Raye and I had 1 on 1 time and I we ended up hanging out in the apartment. Having it all empty-ish like that was a reminder that this shit was real, it was really happening.

A lot of memories started flooding back. Memories of that apartment, some even before I lived in that apartment. I remembered the first night I ever slept in that aparttment when i crashed at a party Oni and here sister held. He sister was dating an Army guy and so there was this mix of Seattle U college students and big Army dudes. The army dudes' snores woke me up and i ended up sleeping my first time there on the bathroom floor. When I left i forgot my glasses and had to hang around for Oni to wake up so I could come back and get them. For some reason that memory was strongly on my mind. As was the memory of the New Years party when Cathy had moved back to Seattle. Raye wasn't at that party but that was kind of the begining of an era, the start of The Girls(tm) and the begining of two of the most fun years of my life. I mean I lived there for 5 years of my 20s so a lot of significant stuff happened there. Raye lived there for 5 more years beyond that so it was still a huge presence and nevermind the community that was built around the place.

I talked to Raye when we hung out one on one and it sounded like she had gone past the grieving stage. Sure she was still sad about it, but the way she put it it sounded like she had come to a place of acceptance and dealing with it. For the party, Dani took on this project of taking Raye's external hard drive, going through pictures and printing some out, which we then proceeded to post on the wall for the party.

The party was bitter sweet but fun. We did the jello shots from the syringes for old times sake. We had just lost Prince, so naturally there was an all Price soundtrack to the party. It was actually pretty chill, just plenty of talkin' to people and reminicing. Plus taking the last pics and selfies at Melrose becasue, well, why not?

A week later, the next Saturday 4/30, we helped Raye move all her stuff up into our atic. We showed up at her place at around 9:30 and we had so much man power and vehicles--Me Andy and Dani in our car, Sam with his car, Cory with his car, my folks with my dad's van, and Jeff with his truck--that we were finished before noon. I had two moments in my old room--one with Raye and one with Andy but it was actually the last cigarette out on the deck when the water-works really started and Raye, Dani and I started crying.

Getting everything up the stairs at my place didn't take too long,either with all that man power. Nothing spooky has happened since we put stuff up there and since Ive been up there nothings been moved out of place. We'll be holding on to her stuff until the fall or so or whenever Rob gets the fiance visa and can come over and they can find a placee together.

Dress viewing
Speaking of Raye and Rob getting hitched, before the Melrose party Dani and I went over to Rayes for her to try on some dresses in front of us and her mom (and some old family friends). Raye has some contenders, though she wasn't as keen on the one that was our favorite. I have to stay vage so as to not give anything away. Not that Rob's eye would ever make it here, but if it had, I 'd be in big trouble for spoilers. ;)

The Sad Loss of Prince
I'm not going to muse as long on this as I did about David Bowie becasue this one doesn't cut nearly as deeply as the loss of Bowie to me personally. However for the record I have some fond memories where Prince was involved. When I was a little kid I taped songs off the raidio and would dance to them in my room. I remember taping "Erotic City" and "Cream" and singing along "we can fuck until the dawn" and dancing to "Cream" the same way they did in the video--by humping. I thought that was a dance. ha ha ha.

In highschool Prince was one of Shannon's favorites. I remember espeically enjoying her company when the song "Sexy MF" came on, to see this skinny white girl sining along to that trying to sound bad saying as deeply as she could "sexy muthafucka shankin' dat ass" was always funny. Or the times we would cruise in Andrew's cherry red 1976 Chevy Nova blasting that song from the stereo.

I recall when I was with my ex Andrew, he and his friedns went to a lot of MJ vs Prince nights and I went to one or two and I was the odd woman out who was FIRMLY on team Prince. He and all his friends sided with MJ and, clearly, were wrong, Prince is the better musician, song writer, was sexy as hell and excentric withot being an insane pedophile. Clearly Prince wins out. Sorry ex and all your firends. You're all wrong and I finally feel totally vindicated in that.

Raye, Dani, Linsdsey and Samuel went to see Prince in 2012 and though I wanted to go I couldn't afford it at the time (being all unemployed and stuff) and now, of course I really regret it. I thought I would have another chance. But, like with Bowie, that ship has now sailed. The loss was hit hardest by Albee, who was pretty crushed, but, like I said he showed up to the Melrose part with his laptop full of Prince and i think it was cathardic for him I too have been listening to a lot and downloading more.

A sick Sparky, New Couches and Fancy Pants Night (the Users Conference)
April 25-29
There was a lot going on the week that the User's Conference was happening for Andy with his work. On Monday night Sparky was very ill. He was panting and shaking at the same time, acting really lethargic and vomited SO MUCH! I took Tuesday off (well I did some work from home) to be with him and monitor him. He started having more energy around noon and by the evening he was back to his old self. Becasue it was a sick day, though I wasn't the one feeling sick, I was keen on watching cartoons all day. I revisited my childhood watching Anamaniacs on Netflix then watched an entire series of Bobs Burgers. I was alone for a couple of evenings as Andy was at the conference and really the most productive thing I did was learn silly 80s songs on the keyboad app on the tablet. (Prompted by Eugene's keyboard on Bobs Burgers)

On Thursday, I had the day off as we were having the new couches delivered. My dad helped out and came with his van to load up our old couch and love seat and then the delivery guys brought the new one and my dad and i took the old ones to the dump. THe new couches are nice, much more comfortable, and work with the decor of the house. They're velvet though so pet hair really clings to them.

That evening I cleaned myself up and went downtown to the Sheraton where Andy had the President's Suite now that the convention was over. Andy had lost his voice at the convention and the only way he could speak was if he used a kind of low Hank Azaria-like voice (and with it came kind of a NY accent), which for me, was actually a turn on. We went out to dinner at Loulay at the ground floor of the Sheraton. We were at the "Chef's Counter" which meant we were facing and looking into the kitchen, which was actually really neat. It was like watching a cooking show as our entertainment. The food was good, it wasn't on top of our lists at all but it was yummy. The scallops were pretty amazing in this beet sause that was bright magenta and delish. We went back into the Suite and enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed the jacuzzi tub. You know, livin large.Check out the suite...

The view

Questionable Content
May 6 & 7

This weekend was a QC weekend.

David is in a show at Annex so Phill was our host. (Speaking of which, I saw David show with Dani on the same day we moved Raye, 4/30, and we both enjoyed it  It was too long, could have easily been cut down but otherwise very fun.) As per usual, I turned into a big anxious wreak all week, making sure there was adequate content that was up to snuff on the writer's board, getting it edited, getting the content from the panelists, doing to program and the power point done. This one was a particular test of my nerve as I had one panelist I didn't hear back from till the day of, but it all sorted itself out, damn spam filters. I was, of course, checking the reservation list religiously, worried that we wouldn't have an audience on Saturday, but it all worked out.

We had a bigger crowd on Friday but a more boistrous group on Saturday (younger, my friends and panel's friends). The Precious Things segment on Friday was especially good, it's a real shame it wasn't recorded. Evelyn brought this box full of condoms, hilariity and yard-spinning ensued.

On Friday after the show Andy and I got late night breakfast at Beth's Cafe, which was a first for Andy. It'll likely be his last too as he got food poising that night. :( On Saturday, I went out after the show with Raye, Dani, Chrstine, Cory and Jessamyn at the Belltown Pub for some burbon and poutine.

We are taking a break in June becasue Phill's gettin' Married and i'm so busy at work with commencement and we'll have Tiffiny in town. However, early July will come around really quickly I can't get too comfortable. Plenty of work to be done.

May 8

On Mother's Day proper we had tickets to see Assassins at ACT. I got the tickets origionally for my Dad's birthday but, as it was on Mother's day, it was a joint celebration. I've wanted to see this show pretty much since i read of it while researching for the hat story in grad school. It's a Stephen Sodheim musical about the various people who have attempted to assasinate US Presidents. I love mere idea of it, the chutzpah of the concept, plus the historal element obviously I'm interested in.

My thoughts having seen it, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought the production itself was great, the performances good. (We went closing night I was a little afraid of some actors having their voices tired but this wasn't the case.) We all kind of agreed that the script didn't comepletely work. Andy didn't care for the over-all arrangement of of the stories. I kinda looked at them as interconnected vignettes, so I didn't mind that it was out of order and I was okay with some articistic liberties in the history. I had more of a problem with how Lee Harvey Oswald was treated. He kind of serves as a narrator through the whole thing, but then at the end all the characters show up to get him to shoot and he doesn't want to, it's very mixed messages. I would have had either John Wilks Booth (who was super handsome and charming) be the the narrator/provoker thoughout or they had this kind of emcee character who opens the show but then doesn't really do much. It would have been cool to have him represent something more and have him be the provoker.

After it was over, when we talked aobut if we came out with the same idea of what it was trying to say. I felt it had an overall nhilistic tone. That ultimately these shocking assassinations happen and it doesn't matter, history marches on, the country marches on, or the focus on the failed attempts and how pointless and fruitless they are. Butn then there's a song after the JFK assassination that kind of argues against that point. (Which I would cut, myself). Andy said in the Director's notes they talk about gun control, though I mean there's kind of elements of I didn't feel like that was written as the overall, central thesis of the play. (Which is kinda why I don't always read director's notes before i see something.) Overall we all enjoyed it, but it somehow missed it's mark, if that makes sense. Which could explain why it doesn't get produced often. At least, although nhilistic, it didn't leave you walking out of the theatre feeling depressed and numb and defeated like Chess did--another musical that's never produced that I waited years to see.

So yeah, that's what has been up. It's supposed to quiet down a bit for the next couple of weeks but we'll see how that goes

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