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I haven't updated as of late, for a change not because I've been too busy but becasue not too much has been going on.

Last week I was going to post a rant/reflection on my feelings about the election but becasue my feelings about the election are being sick of it already I really didn't feel inspired to actually write it. The abridged version is thus;
1. I'm not happy about the shenanagins of the Hillary campaign and DNC, however I'm not shocked or surprized by them at all either and I can't find the energy in me to be outraged.
2.Though I am a Bernie supporter I'm agrovated by the Bernie or Bust contingent for various reasons that I know better than to open my mouth about becasue I'll get jumed on  and I just don't have the energy argue any more.
3. I'm worried that the way it looks right now, Trump is going to be our next President. That thought fills me with so much embarassment, anxiety, disgust and depression that I simply can't bear it.

Basically I've gone full on cycical. Nothing surprises me anymore. Yes the system is too corrupt and democracy has been broken for a long while. The system has been staked against the favor of the people my entire life. However at the same time political discourse has devolved to everyone screaming at eachother, demonizing eachother, sitcking their heels in the ground and not getting anything done. Facts are meaningless, opinions are regarded as news.There is a significant lack of respect for human dignity in the country that culturally makes what I (and fellow Bernie suporters) would like to see unlikely. Everyone is sharing articles and opinions, screaming at eachotehr over the internet which just raises the volume without actually doing ANY good or chaning anything. They might say "it raises awarenees" but, lets face it, everyones mind is made up and not open to change so what is the fucking point. I'm just done with it.

I think that David Bowie and Prince might have been on to something by passing before seeing how this is going to pan out. I honestly wish i could do the same. That's not to say that I want to off myself, becasue you know I like life and stuff. However to be totally honest I'm at the point where I truly wish that I could just pack up my books get in a spaceship and blast away from Earth. Right now I welcome a retirement in the cold, silent solace of space.

Sorry, perhaps that wasn't the abridged version. That's where I'm at. I'm in a political depression. I feel passionless and defeated. I don't know whether I can get out of it or not. i guess it depends on what happenes. The only solace I can give myself is that maybe if Trump wins and the economy collapses, assuming Andy and I can hold on to our jobs, maybe the Seattle housing bubble will burst and we can finally afford a home, or at the very least be freed of the anxiety of our rent increasing substantially. However, the anxiety of the possiblty of nuclear analhiation is hardly a fair trade-off.

Other business
The weather has been crappy the last couple of weeks overcast if not rainy. I'm worried about our garden not getting enough sunlight. Our beans are getting kinda yellow. Hopefully this weather turns around. I'm worried it will be like the summer I had in london where spring was glorious and warm bu come June it just rained for the rest of the summer. We spent so much money on the garden this year, I don't want a grey and rainy summer!

I'm feeling kind of anti-social lately. I really don't want to do anything but read for a bit. I'm behind in my Reading Challenge for the year and while i'm between QC productions I would relaly like to make some headway in that area. I just finished a book of short stories I really enjoyed I purchased some historical fiction set in the time period I'm really interested in right now (turn of the 20th century, pre WWi-ish.) I still have books that I have purchased or have come my way this year that I need to read. i'm just a slow reader and it's slow going.

That's the weird thing I want to do all these things, I want to get back to my Spanish, read more, excersise again, do all the things but at the same time I'm also like, lazy and exhaused much of the time. Mybe I'm just in relaxing zone after such as long busy peiord. I also long to write. Not blogs or rants or QC stuff but like a short story again. Reading good short stoires made me miss the form and want to create in it again.

It's almost Memorial day weekend. Except for a skype date with Charlotte and hanging out at Sam's on Sunday I just plan to relax so maybe I can make time to write or at least read.

I hope I get out of this anti-social funk. Two weeks from today my neice-in-law Tiffany will be here and I really look forward to showing her around the city and doing fun stuff. My mood and the weather better turn around for this.

Spooky Shit
Oh I almost forgot to log a spooky thing. A week or two ago Andy said he came home from work and one of the chairs from our dinner table was in the middle of the livingroom. Now our living room and dining room are pretty much the same room but that's sill a move of about 10 feet. Strangly too it wasn't the chair that is closest to the "living room" area it was the chair nearest the kitchen. He said it directly in the center, pointed toward the counch as opposed to pointing the same way as the couch, so back faced to the tv. Strange. 

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