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Gardening Update

So I should start off by saying that, thankfully, my mood has improved since my last post before the holiday weekend. This weeked I got a bit of what I wanted--time to just read my book while the weather was dreary. As well as some social time that was quite chill and lovely. We went over to Samuel's on Sunday and ate and had beers and relaxed. Super chill. The weather even got a bit nice in the afternoon. On Monday the sunny weather continued and i was able to mow the lawns and put some energy into the garden.

Most plants are doing okay except for the tomatoes, which I don't think are getting enough sun/it's too cold, and the cucumbers which have just kinda not grown much from the size they were as starters for whatever reason. The Strawberries are producing well but I've only been able to eat one becasue something out there keeps stealing them. I'm not sure if it's birds, rodents or the neighborhood cats or what. It's frustrating.

Most of the others are doing all right. The bell peppers have even started producing. The beans were worrying me when the weather was crappy as they were turning kind of yellow. However they've greaned up a bit and under closer investigateion we noticed they were starting to produce vines. So we had to go out and get something for the vines to grab on to. The things at Swansons Nursery designed for such a use were rediculously expensive ($100 for some soddered together wire?) so we improvised, finding some wire fences at Grocery Outlet and Fred Myer. I think it'll work We'll see. These are different kind of beans than the ones we got last year so it all experimentation.

Still I'm proud of how it's looking so far.

Gardening Update (In Pictures)


Artichokes and green beans

Bell Peppers & brocolini

Brussel Sprouts

Zuchinni (Cucumber in the background, not doing so great)





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Jun. 3rd, 2016 07:05 pm (UTC)

Looks good.

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