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Could you describe the ruckus?

So last night, or as I should rather say this morning as it was about 1:40am, I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly
I opened my eyes right away. It sounded like it was coming from the stairwell door or the bathroom doors. However, from where I was sitting, I didn't see either the door to the stairwell nor the door to the bathroom opening. They remained shut. But the sound was loud.
There was no real rhythum to it or anything but it went on for a while. I'd say probably about 20 seconds or so. I heard it, opened my eyes and just kind of froze in fear, clutching on to Sparky who was cuddled up beside me. Kitty was in the bedroom with me too but I think he was already hiding under the bed when the loud noises happened becasue he was in the room with me but I didn't feel him jump off the bed, like I often do when he gets spooked while sleeping on my lap.

When the ruckus finally stoped, there was a moment where I was waiting to hear Andy's call but it seemed to take a second and at the time I thought I'd call to him but I was still frozen in startled fear. Then I heard it. "Baby?"
I called back to him and he came rushing into the bedroom, though the bathroom. Then we proceeded into the now routine, Did you hear that?/Of course I heard that!/What did that sound like to you? back and forth that has become common place after these strange occurances. Andy said he didn't hear it for a little while, or it didn't register (he's a heavy sleeper) but when it did he kind of fell out of the couch and hurt his hand. I told him, I had just froze and how long it had gone on for but told him I watched the doors I could see and didn't see anything move. Andy then opened to door from the bedroom to the stairwell to find that the stairwell/livingroom door was open.

I realize a lot of these "spooky shit" stories of bumps in the night revolve around these doors leading to the stairwell and I understand it could be a difficult thing to picture as our house has a really weird layout so for today's story I have included a crude drawing of the layout of this portion of the house.To help illustraite what I'm talking about.

So to quick recap. When I heard the noise, the doors that I could see form the bed--the one highlighted in pink and the one to the batroom--did not move. But after the fact we discovered that the door from the stairwell to the livingroom, highlighted in blue, was wide open. For the record the doors to the stairwell (both blue and pink) are closed by default to keep the pets from roaming around upstairs. So we usually enter the bedroom through the bathroom. There. I hope that gives better context to these stories.

After hearing the noise and finding the door open, we stumbled around looking for the flashlight to go investigate upstairs and then did as such. We went up together. (I don't think Andy's going to let me hang back from investigating upstairs anymore becasue he wants two people to vouch for what is seen. So my days of cowering in bed are behind me because, you know...science.) Once upstairs nothing looked out of place. Mind you, Raye has got all of her stuff up there right now. however I had gone upstairs earlier in the day to get something so I had a basis of comparison from only like 5 hours earlier. All looked normal. So we went back downstairs, went outside and had a cigarette to calm our nerves. This multiple door slamming really got my heart racing. There have been a number of one off doors slamming but this was different. Like I said this went on for a while. Before going back to bed, I checked on Vyvyan who was hiding under the bed. Poor kitty had this look on his face of "Seriosly guys, what the fuck was that!?"  Eveuntally after Andy tucked me back into bed and I cuddled again with Sparky, Vyv came back up and slept at my feet. It took a while to calm back down and fall asleep but with some help from cuddly pets I was able to. Still pretty tired today.

Things of note. The house is fairly clean. Not spotless but we've been picking up after ourselves, despite my sickness over the weekend. Both the lightbulbs in the bedroom had burnt out. As they seem to do very quickly. One went out about a week ago and the other that day when I got home from work. I don't know if that's significant but figure it's worth noting. The mood in the house has been negative as Andy has become fed up with people due to people being shitty in thier political discourse on social media. I think it's safe to say he's in a depression on account of it all. Perhaps that has some significance. There have been little things that we've mentioned to eachother that could be attributed to something spooky but noting of note enough to say definitivly that it was a spooky thing. Like little things that could aslo be logically explained.

This, I have no explaination for. As I've said before when the heat comes on the air does suck the door from the bedroom to the stairwell a little to cause a bump each time. however the heat has been off. I didn't have the fans on in the bedroom pointed at me as it was just a little too chilly to do so. The air conditioning was on in the livingroom but that doesn't usually affect anything in such a large room. The animals were chillin' with me. We didn't see any other animal or anything running around. There were no footsteps or anything that accompanied the bangs. Again the door seemed to have not just slammed shut as it does some times but acutally was banging around loudly for a significant period of time.

I want to reiterate that I'm not saying it's the spirit of a dead person or a "ghost" or anything like that. I'm still holding out that I don't belive in "ghosts" I say "ghost" colloqually more than anything. But it is another instance of something happening in our home that gets our attention that we simply can not explain. I'd be lieing if I said it didn't scare me a bit and gives me dread to go upstairs at night, but its also exhilerating and, well, it certianly keeps the home life interesting. Who doesn't like a good mystery?

So when I got hone, Andy told me that the pets were acting strange. He said when he came home, he was greeted by a happy Sparky as usual. He said when he walked in, the pets were cowering together. We have this ledge that runs along a side of the livingroom that the fireplace is on. The cat often hangs out under there but it's kind of awkward for Sparky to get under there. he usually goes under there if food rolls under.

But Andy said they were both under there, next to each other and our pets are fairly antagonistic to each other, in a playful way. Lets just say they are rarely close to each other without swatting or nipping at one another. He said they looked like they had been scared by something.

Sparky, he said, didn't even come out until Andy coaxed him out with a treat. For the rest of the night they were acting a bit needy.

I don't know what the hell they saw but I wish I did. We looked around and nothing was out of place or anything either so I don't know what it could have been.


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 12th, 2016 05:30 pm (UTC)
things happen sporadically. Like we can have a few things happen and then it will be quiet for months then something Spooky will happen again. I'm trying to log all the significant things here so I have a record of when and what happens. I'm trying to be objeective.
Jun. 11th, 2016 05:37 am (UTC)
wow. D:
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