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Can't fix stupid

So here's the Facebook argument I memtioned in yesterday's rant. I tried to copy and paste but LJ said that the post was too large to go through. So I had to take the screencap route. I guess I include this for memory's sake in the future or maybe to enlighten any non US friend (hi Karen!) on how frustrating this argument is. How deaf to logic and facts these people are and how shitty they are at choosing objective sources to back up their claims.

I'm picking up the argument where I came in. I do reply to what the guy is saying and use quotes of his. however, I'm not going to include the conversations that he's having with others where he puts forth all these asinine points of view.

Would you look at that. The "sources" that he produced were ALL conservitive pro-gun blogs. Not what I would call objective sources. I'm not sure you can tell becasue it's from an image so you can't click on the links but I provided links to articles from the Guardian and The Washington Post. I made I point to only point to reptutible news outlets. I have one link to a study that was done by a gun-control advocasy group and I made a point to point that out in an effort to make another point about how the NRA has lobbied to keep the CDC from studying gun violence. I have to say it here becasue, otherwise, I'll find myself joining the thread again to point this out to him. I mean, he used Reddit as a sourse to back up his claims!!! Reddit! In the dark corners of Reddit you could use what someone says to back up anything! I'm sure you can use it to say that women aren't human beings or that aliens live under the Denver airport! But of course if I were to point out that, if this were a high school debate team the teacher would tell him to go back and find more objective source material, he would counter about there being a 'Liberal Media bias' and and that that the facts I presented are the product of a liberal bias. He even says that you can throw out enough data to support anything. This is why we live in a dystopian future. This is why I get depressed. People don't understand fact from editorial anymore, opinions are paraded as news or as intrinsically valid. Yes everyone is entitled to opinions, but that doesn't mean your options are inherently right. Your options can be called out for being misinformed or WRONG.

I know that these people, mcuh like the homophobe who committed this terrible act, are on the wrong side of history. I'm just concerned how long it will take for our country, and how much self destruction it will take, for this country to get where the rest of the civilized world is on this issue. 



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