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Spooky update

I have so much stuff that I need to update about and I've just been too darn busy.  I haven't done a garden update in ages it seems, and there are weekends, birthdays and drama not to mention a rant that's been percolating in my head.

However I do have to take a moment to log a spooky thing, as it's been a while, and I'm trying to be accurate and consistant with logging these things to see if there are any patternes.

So last night I was home and thought I heard a noise in the bathroom which was weird becasue Andy was outside smoking and both of the pets were in my sights in the living room. It sounded like a soft thump like when the cat jumps down from the counter but there was kitty in front of me curled in a ball on the floor, sleeping. When Andy came in from smoking I muted the TV and asked if he heard anything. He stood there for a minute and thought he heard kind of a soft grunt or something. He went into the bathroom, then the bedroom to investigate but found nothing weird. So he announced he was going upstairs.

As I've mentioned, we've got Raye storing her stuff upstairs right now and the whole time it has been up there things have appeared undisturbed until now. The last time I went up there was to get a table for QC the other week and the only thing that was off was that the door, which had been left open was half-closed. Everything else though was normal.

Last night we went upstairs to find Raye's poster positioned in the middle of the floor.

This poster was standing on its side, against some boxes and stuff. It was sitting picture side out, so it didn't just fall over in this position or it would have been face down. It seems unlikely to have fallen from the bottom end and into this position especially as it was sitting on the short side. I can't explain it. Yet another item deciding it belongs in the center of the room when we aren't looking.

Nothing else strange, apart from Sparky being locked in the bathroom when Andy came home on Monday. That's pobbilby the pets themselves though.

As for the state of the house, has been a mess but also been clean. Like it got messy but we spent last week steam cleaning and stuff.  Work has been kicking my ass, and I've been working late so it's gotten pretty messy this week. There is a lot of stress in the house. But usually our company helps decrease the stress in one other.

So yeah it's not much but worth noting.

So it's now 7/21 and last night I worked late and came home. Andy had a bad day and was in a bad mood. We went out to dinner, which also turned out to be a clusterfuck as they were really slow with our food and when it came out it was cold. So we had to have it sent back and it came out a second time and some of it was still cold. Andy was at the point where you just have to laugh at the day for not giving him a break. So when we got home enegry was still pretty negative.

Shortly after we got home Andy headed to the kitchen to get a soda from the fridge and i went to the bathroom to pee. We both heard a thump-thump. To me it sounded like it could have been Andy like throwing an empty soda box into the recycling but I wasn't sure so I yelled "was that you?" He shouted back that it wasn't, saying he thought it was me and I was like "No, I'm on the can, that wasn't me."

So we looked around on the main floor but everything looked normal so we eventually went upstais. The door upstairs that we distinctly left wide open was closed but not latched closed. Andy pushed the door open and there it was again. The poster that we had put back just the night before was sitting in the middle of the room yet again.

Prone to the dramatic when he's in a mood Andy dropped the flashlight with an "oh fuck this shit" and we decided to leave things the way wthey were. We left the door open but we didn't bother putting the poster away this time. We just picked up the flashlight and went back downstairs.

So once again we were lured upstairs by a strange noise and we discovered Raye's poster placed in the center (with wise of the walking space of the room).

So I needed to log this and also note the energy around Andy at the time. If it's significant. There are other times when there is far less moody energy and shit happens. Can't seem to find a consistant pattern. 

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