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Yet another spooky update

So today Andy and I went upstairs to put the table away that I had pulled down for QC (it's been sitting in the living roon for a while, lazyness). Now when we last went up there on Wednsday night we found the poster of Raye's sitting in the middle of the room, if you remember from my post earlier this week. That was the second time we had found it like that. We found it like that on Tuesday, put it back then on Wednesday discovered it was back in the center of the room again.

Here's a refresher of pretty much how we left the room the last time we were up there on Wednesday night (though this is a pic from Tuesday, it's pretty much the same).

So today when we went upstairs to return our table we discovered the room like this...

If you look at the two pictures as a before and after, you'll see that the other framed art was sitting behind that pile of boxes on the left of this first picture. You can see that the stool was stacked atop another stool on the right of the picture.

So yeah...Interesting.

We put the pictures away. We put them in a differnt place this time, we proped them up along a part of a bare wall facingout. We also tried an experiment I've been curious about trying for a while. Nothing may come of it but I have my typewriter up there. It's a vintage mechanical typewriter. We opened her up and put paper in there to see if anything happens. Nothing may come of it. I don't even know if I believe whatever is responsible for moving shit around and making noises is even capable of communication. But it's a fun experiment. We shall see if anything comes of it. 

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