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I've been pretty quiet on the political front because everywhere I look I see nothing but vitriol on all sides. Pretty much all my friends on social media, short of my extended family, are pretty much progressive (with a couple of libertarians hiding in there) so I've been lucky to not have to deal with any Trump supporter nonsense. That doesn't mean, however that there aren't wars and nasty messages going on all around me all the time. I am a Bernie supporter but I'm going to do what I must to make sure that Trump does not become President. I'm aware of Hillary's scandals and shady-ness of her and the DNC. Yeah it makes mad and it sucks to have to choose a lesser of two evils but that's the reality we live in.

I've thought of an analogy for it, or at least how I see it, that I think holds up...

You know that scene in Shaun of the Dead. When Shaun's mum dies from having been bitten by a zombie and now she can turn into a zombie at any minute. There is the heavyness of loss and sadness in the air but it is not long before David cocks the gun and is all "we've got to take care of her." Shaun gets understandably upset, as as they argue, and more people get involved it becomes about other things and not just the problem looming. Shit get's peosonal and our characters or not just screaming and flinging insults at eachother ("You're the one that's gone from being a chartered accountant to Charlton Heston!" "i'm not a chartered accountant" "Well you look like one!") it exaserbates into everyone all screaming at eachother and holding sharp objects to eachother's necks. Meanwhile the in background there's a subtle moaning as the zombie in Shaun's mum starts to rize.

I feel like this is where the left is at right now. People, whose intellegence I respect and people I love are on both sides of the to vote/to not vote for HRC. Emotions are understandibly high. There has been a loss (Bernie's nomination) that is deep felt and heavy. There's a lot of other shit going into the argument (questions of privilage, principle, cowardess, protest) but stakes are high as the reality is that a monster (Trump) will soon drastically change the dynamic of the room and yet all they can do is scream at eachother.

Eventually, Liz does what I want to do every damn day and screams "Everybody CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"

She tells Shaun that even thogh David is being a twat (as some HRC supporters have been) and that she can sympathize how hard this must be for him, the state of affairs are as such that David is right. Something has to be done to stop the monster that will destroy them all. It's terrible and downright reprehensible to have to shoot your mother in the face (vote for HRC) and it really sucks that you find yourself in the posision that you have to be the one to do it but it doesn't change the fact that it has to be done. You have to stop the moster.

Yes I equaded shooting one's mum in the face to voting HRC, which might seem like hyperbole, but for the Bernie or Bust people (or 3rd party person) on the left whose hatered for HRC is so stong, I believe that analogy is astute. I don't feel that strongly against her which is why the choice at hand is, sure dissapointing and nothing to get excited about, but clear. To other's it's as morally reprehensible as shooting thier mums in the face.

True to the analogy is the fact that shooting your mum in the face is not going to help the overall situation. You're still hold up in a pub with a comical number of Zombies outside, wanting to get at you. The status quo aint ideal. However you can't figure out how to get out of that situation if you're busy fighting of the zobie version of you mum trying to gnaw at your neck.  If you let the monster win, no one has a chance to get out alive.

In the movie Shaun's mum kind of hisses and he's able to pull the trigger right as she is about to attack. I hope that this is the case in November. I hope that although now were are all still fighting, screaming and pointing broken bottles and cork screws to eachothers' necks phase, come Election Day, those who don't want to do what they have have to do to fight the mosnster end up taking the shot. It's not right or fair that they're in this position, holding a gun to their mums face, but it's a posision that we are all in together at the end of the day. The moster is coming. The moster is real. the moster will eat us all if we let it.  


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