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Here Have ALL the Updates

Garden Update

The garden is doing pretty well. There has been some good harvesting going of cucumbers, zucchini, beets, carrots and especially green beans. OMG these green beans are growing like crazy! Last week we harvested on Wednesday and there were enough to harvest all over again by Saturday! We did a test harvest for the corn and the cob was only about half full so we pollinated again. The kernels that we did get, though, were mighty tasty. We also got our artichoke and had it the other day. It smaller than those you get at the store, there wasn't a lot of meat on the leaves, and there were some ants that we had to get out of the leaves, but the heart was sure tasty! That's the problem we are having now, trying to keep up with eating all the veggies we've got. A lot of green beans to eat. Luckily our green beans are SO DAMN FLAVORFUL we don't mind having them day after day. In fact, I'm going to rue winter when we have to go back to the waxy store-bought green beans.

Now please enjoy pictures of our bounty...

Spooky Shit
I've been bad at posting about spooky happenings close to when they happen. Since my last post, we've had a couple more instances of stuff moving around upstairs. A couple of weeks ago we went up after hearing a noise to discover Raye's pillow moved and a padfolio of hers standing up. I don't know where these items lived before they moved but they were not in the middle of the room.

We left it like that for a little while before getting around to moving them. Twice in the past couple of weeks, I have come into the bedroom to discover the door to the stairwell open. Uppon one such occasion, we investigated upstairs to see that Rob's hats (as you can see in the picture on the left on top of that tan furniture piece) were knocked haphazardly on the bed. I didn't take a picture of this as I didn't have my phone on me at the time.
Still nothing on the typewriter.

A couple weeks ago I had the cast of the show over for a BBQ as a thank you and talk a little business. It was a good BBQ. Andy made his signature carne asada. Sparky and David's dog, Kane, sort of got along. We had a good discussion about taking the show to the next level but I also really enjoyed their company and it was nice. I've been wanting to do that for a long time so I'm glad to have done so.

Planning for the Future
Today Andy and I have an appointment to talk with a mortgage guy about the prospect of buying a house. Our lease ended in July and the property management company has not gotten back to us about a new lease and say they are still negotiating the rent with the home owner. For anyone reading who isn't in the area, Seattle's got a housing problem. The rents are skyrocketing. Home prices are shocking. People are being priced out of the city left and right. It's pretty fair to say that if we get priced out of this rental, we're resigned to renting in the suburbs most likely. (Though I refuse to go back to the area I grew up in. Not that it's a bad place necessarily but it will make me feel like a failure, like I have not progressed.) We are at a kind of fork in the road. Do we keep paying the rising rents and get nothing, or do we try to find a place to own, most likely in 'burbs because the median house price in Seattle is half a million now. We are spending about $2K a month now on rent and that's considered a steal for a house, considering studios are going for $1,500. When we were looking for a house to rent two years ago, there were plenty of places already asking for $2,500/mo. I don't want to think how high they have gotten considering that earlier this year rents went up 11% in one month.

I don't know if we are ready to buy or not but I want to have some questions answered from a professional because this is a conversation Andy and I have gone around in circles about for months. and months. We make pretty good money but are getting squeezed by this rental market. Friends of ours are buying and we think that they can't be making THAT much more money than us (well maybe they are) but I'm sure they don't have a bankruptcy, foreclosure and a shit ton of student loan debt working against them, as we do. (And when i say student loan debt I'm not talking like I pay for or fice hundred dollars a month, I'm saying I pay over a thousand, I literally pay a third of my income to student loans). We keep looking and using these mortgage calculators and mortgage looks comparable to these high-ass rents, but then we think what we have on hand for a down payment and are disheartened again.

Writing about it right now is getting me pretty depressed, but that is likely because I just read This article. Which is weird because I've been the one so far taking a pragmatic approch to this. Thing is, we basically need to come up with a plan. We can't just wait this out (or maybe we need professional advise that we should) or keep going around in circles. It's time for us to set goals and come up with ways to achieve them. So even though we might not like the news we hear today, we are taking a step in the right direction. 


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