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QC Weekend

So the weekend after we got back from Cali (Aug. 26 & 27) was a QC weekend.

We had a line-up early on. This panel was excellent in getting their material back to me (I asked well in advance before my vacation). The content was looking good and since returning from Cali, I hit the ground running spending a full day off from the day job working on the show. The only thing that was worrying me, though, was the ticket sales. I was anxiously checking the ticket sales page hourly and panicking. Eventually, Friday started to look okay but Saturday was still looking abysmal. Well, cross that bridge when we come to it.

I'll be honest, seeing Saturday's pre-show sales--with a possibility that we might not even do a show on Sat.-- I filled Friday with the A content and Sat with the B content.The A content mixed with the nerves and uncertainty of what to expect from the panel make Friday's show stand out. The panel was sharp and witty and just on it. It was hilarious. Plus there was a precious thing that was quite phallic and that's always good for a laugh. Yes, Friday was an al around fantastic show.

The victors!

Saturday was nerve wracking with the ticket sales but it actually turned out okay. We ended up with enough walk-ins that we only had a few fewer people than the night before. The show wasn't as hot as it was the night before but it wasn't bad. Actually, the best zinger was dealt by an audience member. In the second half, David was picking audience members to be up for prizes for the Precious Things game. He chose this woman in the front row to be represented by the team of Mike and the two Kevins and the girl, without missing a beat, said, "I love being represented by white men." Aw SNAP!

The NON-victors

All in all, it wasn't a bad weekend. Though once it was all over I was understandably exhausted having come from a trip to hit the ground running getting the show together and fretting all the while about people showing up to see it. It all turned out all right.  


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