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Bachelorette Party

Saturday was Raye's Bachelorette party. As MoH it was my job, with considerable help of Christine and Dani, to make sure the bride had a bitchin' time. I got us a large suite at the Grand Hyatt downtown, we had a stripper coming and then we had plans to get to South Lake Union where we had VIP seats for Jello Wrestling. After that, the plan was to have drinks till the night was over.

A Room with a View
I went downtown on my own to check into the room. For some reason even though I was the one who booked it, I thought we were at the Hyatt at Olive 8 instead of the Grand Hyatt which was kinda embarrassing. Luckily the two are only half a block apart. For the rest of the night, I made sure to reiterate that we were at the Grand Hyatt on Pine, not Olive 8 Hyatt. even though I think I was the only person to make that mistake. LOL.

The room on the 28th floor was fabulous with amazing views. I wish I took pictures of the room itself but I ended up only taking pictures of the view while I was alone.

Looking up Capitol Hill

Looking at the building I thought we were staying in.

A sliver of the Puget Sound

There was a bit of a snag. The Seahawks are in the playoffs and there was a game that evening that Raye wanted to see. The idea was to have her watch at the hotel bar while we got the room set up but the hotel bar at the Grand Hyatt (remember I thought we were at Olive 8 Hyatt) was Ruth Chris Steakhouse which is pricey and it was full anyway. So Christine and Dani didn't get to witness the reveal of the room .to Raye Raye stayed in the bedroom and watched the football game while we set up.

Raye with football and bubbly

Party favors

Those balloons were ridiculously difficult to inflate.

We had Raye, Dani, Christine, Sara C. Angie, Dorothy, LInsdey, Kristen and Sarah A. We had to pull Raye away from the Seahawks when our stripper, Cherry, arrived. Christine found Cherry and she was a perfect fit for Raye all cute and tattooed. She says this was her first party for girls but maybe she says that to all the girls but she seemed to really enjoy herself and we enjoyed her but most importantly Raye did too. I need not get into the details but I will say that probably the funniest part of the night was when Sarah A. arrived late and got a lap dance and the way she reacted "what am I supposed to do here? Can I touch you? What's that in your but?" had me laughing until I was crying. That is until she got a little too into it.

After the Cherry portion of the night was over there was very difficult cat hearding to get everyone into cabs or Ubers to the gym where Jell-o wrestling was happening.

Jello-o Wrestling
We managed to get to SLU in two vehicles. Kristen and Sarah A. didn't join us. We had VIP seats ringside for the ladies jello wrestling. I should not that our entertainment was provided by women, the stripper service was women-owned and the jello-wrestling was women produced. Jello wrestling was fun, messy but fun. Raye and I were called up on stage at Jello wrestling, it was so slippery I amost fell in front of over a hundered people. I've never been in a boxing ring before, i never realized how bouncy they were. The emcee asked us some questions and we were given the weakest whipping by the co-emcee. We stayed to the end and the girl I was rooting for was the champion. Oh naturally there were jelloshots to imbibe there. Kristen brought jello shots made with vodka to the room so imagine my surprise to get to the wrestling place and take a jello shot that was made with tequilla and rum. Ofta This is where my hangover came the next day. I was trying to stay together and not drink too much but I had now had mixed my alcohols and had a bit of everything.
0107172229.jpg 0107172229a.jpg

The Champion wears the victory belt!

Drinks & Afterparty
After wrestling we went to the Victory Lounge which was kind of sweet because, back when that space was the Lobo Saloon, that was one of the first bars Raye and I ever hung out with together. Awww

The service was terrible though and people were getting hungry so we hopped in an uber (we lost Sara C and Dorothy at this point) and headed to Belltown where we got Seattle dogs from a street vendor before stopping in at the last bar for the evening, the Screwdriver which is my new favourite bar. We were only there for a couple of drinks before it was chucking out time, didn't even get to hear my songs on the jukebox. But that was okay. Raye, Lindsey, Christine and I headed back to the hotel where we were drunk and silly for a little while longer before it was time for bed.

The next morning my hangover was no joke. I didn't even get legless but I can't drink like I used to. We cleaned up the room and headed back to Ballard.

I think Raye had a very special night for her bachelorette. I'm pretty proud of the night we planned. There were a lot of memories born that night, though I can't get in to all of them here. When I reunited with Andy at home he told me stories about his night at the bachelor party and I stories about our night.

This weekend is the wedding. Cathy lands in town tomorrow (squee!) and I have 4 days off, 3 of which will be very busy with wedding stuff. Here we go! 

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