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Raye & Rob's Wedding

The whirlwind that is Ray & Rob's wedding in behind us, now and I can say it was a fun and successful wedding!

Cathy arrived in town on Thursday and she crashed at ours, which was great because I got to have to quality Cathy time during this trip. We ran around and did errands for the bride and groom on Friday which also meant we were driving around, talking, having lunch, etc. Though she and I are good about making skype dates to keep up with each other's lives, just hanging out with one of your best friends is totally different.

It's worthy of note that in this wedding the bridal party brought the reunion of The Girls(tm). That's correct, me, Cathy and Christine were all the bride's maids (matrons if you're gonna be a semantic dick about it) for Raye. Actually, this was the first wedding of one of The Grils(tm) where all the girls were present. It was a pleasant reunion where all parties got along and I think enjoyed eachother's company. It seems kind of fitting because, this being 2017 now, it marks the 10-year anniversary of The Girls(tm) becoming The Grils(tm). Crazy to realize that.

Anyway, Friday Cathy Raye and I went and got our nails did, had a drink at the Two Bells then went to the Schmee for helping setup & the rehearsal. Seeing Raye's dad tear up while we rehearsed made me a bit teary and I knew that my eyeliner was not up to the task of my best friend's wedding. Seeing the schedule reminded me (whoops) that I had a speech to make the next day. So after I got home and Cathy went to bed I took to my laptop and wrote a draft of speech which then Andy helped me edit and punch up for more fluid public speaking. Just writing it and practicing it I kept welling up....yep deffinitly gonna need expensive eyeliner.

The morning of the wedding Cathy and I went out to breakfast in Ballard then got our stuff together and took a Lyft down to the Schmee. There was tons of running around, I had to get super water resistant eye liner because I knew I was going to cry like crazy. There was loads of hustle and bustle as we put everything together and people started showing up. There was a lot of that nervous energy that comes with getting the show on the road.

Eventually we lined up and walked down the aisle. The wedding party walked to David Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure" of which I highly approve. Raye went down the aisle to a NIN song. Rob was insistent to not see the dress until Raye was walking down the aisle, that shit was kept under wraps and so the big reveal was in that moment.

Dani officiated and I did the lion share of my wedding crying while on the stage in front of everyone. Tears were just streaming down my face as I watched my dear friends exchange their vows to one another. It was a super quick ceremony. Rob and his Best Man who flew in from the UK, also named Ray, funny and confusingly enough, did play a little joke on the crowd, pretending to have forgotten the ring but in Raye's vows she got Rob back with a jab about his misguided dislike of the oxford comma.

After the ceremony people streamed out of the theatre and into the lobby for drinks and nibbles. The 'I Do Brew' was flowing.  I made sure not to drink too much because I knew that the next day we had a lot of cleaning to do and putting the theatre back together. However, the wedding beer was tasty and strong enough to give a nice little buzz below the adrenaline. For desert, there was yummy cheesecake.

The bride and groom took some pics off site. Then there were some pics of the bridal party back in the theatre. Then Cory, who was emceeing, got everyone to come back into the theatre for the speeches and toasts. Raye and Rob did a thank to you everyone for coming and Rob was saying at one point that he thanks "fate or whatever deity that brought us together." From the sidelines, I looked over at Christine, pointed to myself and mouthed "that would be me" to which she laughed out loud and brought attention to herself. So, in turn, she said, "That would be Miranda" and that turned into this whole "All Hail Miranda" running joke. Everyone toasted me and I was suddenly burdened with more attention than my little joke, and certainly my modesty, warranted.

Raye's dad made a short speech then it was my turn. I was trembling as I gave it but I didn't get too weepy and I crushed it. Then the best man made his speech and was terribly charming and made good use of the fact that Rob married someone with the same name as his best mate. Cory then got his guitar out and sang a silly song he wrote for the occasion. He too, crushed it.

Then Cory opened up the floor for anyone to make a toast. The first one up was Dorothy who made, quite frankly, an incredibly awkward toast on the fly riddled with f-bombs and somehow included her mentioning her peeing into a yogurt cup. No matter how much Ray, Cory and crushed it, it will be forever overshadowed by a yogurt cup. *sigh* There was also this girl who didn't come up to speak but kept shouting "oi" over and over again that was seriously grating on my and Christine's nerves. My dad was the last one to give a speech that was quite sweet.

After that, the dance music started and the party resumed. We introduced my folks to Adam so they could chat about NOLA and they ended up chatting for a while, actually. When the night was winding down, Cathy went with Adam and Sarah A. to the Mercury (goth club) because...why the hell not? Who knows when she would have the chance again? Eventually, the party died down and we were the last ones out to lock up the Schmee.

Andy and I picked up drive through eats and went home. We were talking into the night when Cathy came home from the Merc. We talked to her for a while before she went to bed and she was cracking us up with her stories about the Merc and her Uber ride home and being genuinely adorable tipsy Cathy.

On Sunday a group convened at the theatre to clean up. I was worried that there weren't going to be many people but we actually had a great turn out and with the teamwork, got the place in ship shape in a mere 45 minutes. That was a huge relief! Cathy showed up right as we were finished and we still expected the Bride and Groom to meet up with us but we told them to meet us at Two Bells instead of the theatre. The Webbs, Dani, Andy, Cathy and me all went out for drinks and lunch and were later greeted by Raye and Rob, who we gave a round of applause to when they walked in. Later my folks also joined us. It was a good, impromptu post-wedding pow-wow where we exchanged stories and settled rumors about the night before...and of course laughing about yogurt cups.

It was a successful, lovely wedding that was hard won after everything they worked for to make it happen. 


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