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Sunrise, sunset...

I have started this blog so many times and failed to finish. I have tried to use writing to process my thoughts and feelings and reaction to the state of things since the inauguration. However, so much keeps happening so fast that I get overwhelmed, I literally can't keep up with it all.

Along the way, I've made the decision to make the move to another blog home. I know that there are few of us left over here and now I'm jumping ship, too. But I have my reasons. It's a slow process getting all my back entries (well most, man I took a lot of surveys back in the day) up on my new home. So I might have a new post or two, but I don't want to get into politics too much on this forum and I feel like it's going to come up a lot.

For whatever reason, an automated dump of entries from here to my new home only posted up to 2007 and so I've got a decade's worth of posts to transfer over manually *ugh.* It's interesting, though, going back through those old posts. I've got as far as finishing 2008. Now I remember 2007-2008 as being really great years. It was the years of The Grils(tm) and rad parties. It's weird to see some of my stresses and drama that I had forgotten about or flat out don't remember at all (no context theatre posts are kinda annoying when you look back). It's also weird to see what a drunk I was in my younger life and how much I've mellowed out. I want to say "calm down, Mir."  Ah, what I was able to do before my hangovers were akin to a death sentence. I also can now appreciate how skinny I was at the time, which makes me depressed about my current physicality.

Earlier this week, Raye and I (along with Dani, Cory, Rob and Derek) went to bid farewell to The Clever Dunnes. The Dunnes was our second living room. It was where so much happened. It's where I spent plenty a birthday or just an evening out. Going back to those old blogs I was reminded how important that place was to me (it was on my x-mas list for crying out loud) and like I said, I've been reminded how much I could drink in the day. This week, returning it as a 30-soming while wearing my professional clothes and drinking beer instead of multiple double whiskey diet cokes it all felt very real. But then, it wasn't necessarily bad either. I don't frequent the Hill anymore so it's not like I've been there in a while. It was my past. It's sad that it's going away but I've moved on. Maybe this zen-like acceptance of growing up was also aided by Dani's who kept playing the "what guy in the bar would 20-something Mir fancy"? Perhaps there's solace in knowing that I didn't have that pressure anymore and that the person who I chose would be home for me when I got there (and with sandwiches as it turns out!).

It was the first time I had hung out socially since the wedding and it was just what I needed, even if there was this heavy cloud over everyone, not with the Dunnes closing, but with the state of the nation/world.


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Feb. 5th, 2017 07:13 pm (UTC)
We should connect on FB to stay in touch. I'll post the next link when I'm done. And I still check my firends here. I haven't deleted my account yet. :)
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Feb. 6th, 2017 06:23 pm (UTC)
I copied what you wrote and deleted it. I got your email now. I have family in N. California now so next time we head down there I should hit you up! :D
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