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Snow and Spooky Stuff

So as I mentioned in my previous post, there was a snow day on Monday this week. I woke up Monday at 6am as usual and the first thing I did was check my work email to see if there was a notice about a closure. There was not. So I shrugged and accepted it. "I guess we're doing this" So I got dressed and bundled up for the almost mile walk to Holman Road to catch a D or the rerouted 15x, whichever came first.

There was a fair amount of snow. The walk was a workout with the snow but the roads were quiet and peaceful. The D was the first bus to arrive when I got the bus stop so I took it. 15th was plowed and salted but the bus's tires still spun in vain after each stop for just long enough to five the riders a little fright. I usually have a nap on my way into work but I was more alert, probably because of the brisk walk in the cold, and I enjoyed the sights out the window. Fisherman's Terminal was gorgeous under pristine snow. The trees on the side of Queen Anne hill were beautiful.

We got into downtown and I got off in Belltown and walked the few blocks to the building only to find that the building was locked, the Seattle site was closed. I could see the lights were on in the Pres Suite. But remember, I didn't have a phone at the time. So I just headed back. I walked back to my bus stop. I got back on a D and headed back to Ballard. Then I walked again the almost mile through the snow before my feet were frozen and I finally got home.

I checked my email. the notice went out at 6:20 am. If I had checked my email one more time before I would have left the house, I would have seen it and could have spent those two and a half hours sleeping in my warm bed.

I kept my work email open and worked from home for a littlle, and I did get a bit of a nap in in the afternoon but mostly I just transferred my blog over to its new home. That's still a work in progress by the way. My show is next week so it's on pause it'll take some time.

On Wednesday, Andy and I got home from having dinner out to hear Sparky howling in the living room. I didn't hear this but Andy did. This seemed odd. I also noticed that the door to the stairwell was closed but unlatched. Andy went upstairs to find our lightweight spare chairs in this position.

It's kinda hard to see at this angle but it leaning precariously on the very edge of the first step into the other room.
It's been a long time since there's been any spooky shit. I think this qualifies. 


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Feb. 12th, 2017 07:00 am (UTC)
I'll post the link when I'm ready...but maybe I'll double post for a while...I've a paid account that went through in December.

You watched the videos of my show, I'm so chuffed! :D I have my one from December I need to upload and should do soon.

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