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Uh, I guess it's March now so I've been pretty bad at updating but that's on account that I've been quite busy and when I get home I'm not too keen on spending much time in front of the computer, really. Well, here goes. This is what has been up.

Folks in NOLA
For xmas we got my folks a trip to New Orleans. In early/mid-February they took their trip! Unfortunately, my mom got  sick right before the trip so as soon as they got to the hotel she crashed. They had a good time, though. The liked Court of Two Sisters, where they not only had a nice dinner (on us) in their lovely courtyard where you feel like you're in a Renoir painting but they also checked out the jazz breakfast which I heard was also quite good. They went to Algiers and found the same English Pub we did. They went to the cemetery we went to. They made it to the garden district.  They took Lisa's tour (Vampire tour on account of the timing) and really enjoyed it. My dad had high praise for her delivery and they also got a little extra after it was over and she showed them the most haunted house in New Orleans. I was disappointed that they didn't make it to Frenchman Street. It was a bit too far for my dad to walk to and my mom has a hang up about taking cabs, even though it wouldn't cost much at all to get from the French Qtr to Frenchman, maybe 6 bucks, she sees cabs as an extravagance so they missed out on what I thought was a more authentic jazz street. But hey, maybe next time. Despite it being a kind of quick trip, being sick, and never quite getting used to the humidity, my folks had a good time and fell in love with New Orleans, too.

Questionable Content
On Feb. 17th we had a show at the Pocket that went quite well.

In the week getting prepared for it, I wasn't acting all stressed out and crazy, which, in turn, made me internally worried that everything was going to go wrong because I was too calm and collected. I did forget to bring blank cards for the audience's name suggestions and we ran into some technical issues before the show, but otherwise it went well. We had a house of 40, which in the Pocket feels crazy packed! Plus a lot of those folks were new to the show, which is great. I actually think my favorite joke though was in David's monolog (which I can take no credit for that's all him) where he mentioned this was his first time back to the show since October, luckily nothing interesting has happened since then. One star was pretty great and as a first, the panelists knew one of the yelp reviewers. The Police Blotters were all Valentine's/love themed and so we made good use of the crazy attempted serial killer lady story.

Oh yeah and we also had a reviewer in the audience so we got some press in a local theater blog. Some of the info is incorrect, like when our next show is, but, hey, any press is better than none so I'll take it! Also, in the lead-up to the show, I got back the video from the December Year in Review Show at the Pocket which I've posted on YouTube.

My Man Godfrey closed at the Schmee the same weekend at QC. It ended up being quite successful, which pleases me because it was my suggestion! My dad directed it and I even got a shout out in a round-about way in the review. I'm really pleased about the show, just bummed that I only got to see it twice.

The Craziest Weather & Traffic Day in Seattle
This winter it has snowed more than I remember it usually snowing in Seattle. We had that one snow day on the 6th of February, where I had gone all the way to work only to find it closed and come back. And since then there have been ongoing threats of snow.  So this Monday, Andy was scheduled to drive down to Portland for work. Again there were murmurings about snow that made him anxious about driving down there. Come Monday morning I woke up to find that it did indeed snow. Not as much as before but it was sticking on the streets. I woke him up on my way out to let him know and told him to drive safely.

When I got on my bus and we headed south down 15th I noticed that the amount of snow became increasingly less prominent. By the Ballard Bridge, it was merely a hint of snow, then once past the Magnolia bridge, it was clear that snow hadn't stuck at all. So I texted him to let him know that south of Ballard the snow was non-existant. Go Seattle microclimates.

Work was super busy with the Monday morning meeting and the event I was preparing for the next day. I got a call from Andy on my cell at around 12:30. He called to tell me that he left the house around 10:30 but was still in Seattle. There was a tanker truck that had tipped over on 1-5 around the interchange to 1-90 that had completely shut down the highway in all directions. This congested 99, which they were turning people away from. In 2 hours Andy had made it from Crown Hill to SODO, To those unfamiliar with Seattle, that's about 10 miles. He said he was going to stop and get lunch and hope this would calm down. I didn't hear from him again for a while.

That afternoon, around 3 o'clock I noticed it was getting very dark outside. Soon there was sideways hail, then sideways snow and then, lightning! I don't think I've seen lightning and snow at the same time but it happened. Lightning even hit the Space Needle. The streets were blanketed in sleet and snow within minutes and the gutters were overflowing with water. It didn't last very long, it calmed down by 3:30 but it was a crazy weather event. THUNDERSNOW.

When I got off work luckily the event had passed and the light had returned. However, the streets were cold and slippery, oh yeah and the freeways were still closed congesting the whole city. As soon as I got to my bus stop I knew from the number of people there that there was no way I was getting on a bus anytime soon. I'm in Belltown one of the last stops downtown for my northbound express bus. Now I could have gotten a D and walked further when I got up to Holman but all the Ds were full and not stopping for our stop either. There was no way around it. If I wanted to get on the bus, never mind getting a seat, I was going to have to walk to the other end of downtown and pick it up toward the beginning of the route. So I walked to Seneca in hopes to pick up a bus.

Now if Andy were in town I would have said, fuck it, I'll go hang out at the theatre, have a couple of drinks and I'll get home when I get home. But Andy was gone so I had pets at home waiting for me to feed them and in the dog's case be let out to go pee. I needed to get home as soon as I could.

I walked carefully in heels though lots of slush to Seneca and I did manage to catch a 15 and even get a seat. However, then we spent a half an hour stuck between Seneca and Pine streets. At least, though, I was now in a warm bus and my feet were no longer freezing. At the end of this adventure, I got home at 6:36 pm, clocking in a two-hour commute on this probably infamous clusterfuck of a day in Seattle.

However, I can't complain too much because it was nothing compared to what Andy experienced on his seven-hour drive to Portland. To quote his status update on Facebook:  "Today's trip involved an overturned butane tanker that literally shut Seattle the fuck down; two monsoons, a micro-blizzard, a high-speed car chase coming right at me, a massive lightning strike, and dodging/not-quite-dodging flying wooden projectiles. The world is trying to kill me today."

I'm just relieved that he got there safely, all things considered.

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