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Apr. 29th, 2005

Yesterday was mission day (no school!) and I meant to be very productive but..yeah no so much. i worked in the office for a few hours then met up with Sam and was a bit less productive as we went out for happy hour then eventually got to the computer lab on campus to work on our research for our white paper. I've got lots and lots of reading to do now. The print was being a little bitch and not printing the longer articles I needed. hence why I'm at the OTHER computerlab now, the good computer lab aparently. Then afterward just went over to his place for a little of the college Pabst, pot and playing cards. Kept talking about going to get Irish car bombs but it was getting late and it never happened. I walked down to first ave and caught the bus. I just missed the 12:30 so I had to wait for the 1:05 and people were getting out of the bars. As I watched people go by I noticed two things. 1) I love it when couples are all playful with one another, it's very childish and cute 2) when guys get playful together and are drunk, they're really really obnoxious. Eh, there were the loudest group of yuppie guys obviously from the east side (with thier dockers, their starting to thin hair their nice cars and the fact that THEY were trying to pick a fight with a homeless guy)that were really drunk and really pissing me off. Next to the guy Ginger and I overheard outside of CBGB in New York*, these were the most disgusting and offensive drunks I've seen in a long time. Yuck.

Looking forward to tonight though. Gonna dork it tuff with Neil Cathy and Ginger at hitchhickers guide to the galaxy. I'm so excited. I'm a Douglas Adams dork and have been since I was in second grade. Also especially excited about going over to Cathy and Niels before the movie and drinking some palm galatic gaggle blasters. Neil googled it and found some recipies people made up. One has like everclear, wild turkey and rum, however, I'd really like to make it to the movie so I think we'll be using a different recipe. Before them must get through five or six hours of work. At least it's easier to face the windowless office on a rainy day like today.

*buy me a drink sometime and I'll tell you the story.


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