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So last night sam and I went to the opera. We had a good time but it had it's ups and downs at least in comparison to last time we went. We got drinks at the pub nearby but we didn't get quite as trashed as did last time. Still had good conversation at the bar. THe first act of the opera fucking rocked. We both had to pee a whole lot after the drinking though, so the poor girl at the end tof the isle who kept getting up for us I owe a debt of gratitude to. This one was in french, which made me happy becasue I could pick up words here and there but seriously dude, I really really really need to go to the optomitrist. I started getting a headache staining my eyes to read the captions so I gave up reading in the second act. Now the bit before intermission was totally colorful, upbeat and fun. Act two however, after intermission, the set was white, the costumes were white, and the chorus never came onstage for a big number. I'm sorry but the second bit blew and the set designer and costume designer would get and earful from me for that act if I ran into them on the street. This is when I gave up on the caption box and was just trying to get it by watching the singers but there was nothing to watch, really, becasue it was all WHITE! I was a bit pissed. After te next intermission the opera picked up speed again and stepped back into the magical world of color, though the one guy's florscent pink blazer with the ladys red dress on stage together sugguests a color-blind costumer. It's easier to bitch, since I found such mistakes to be really funny, especially since I grew up in theatre and know why you should never do the aforementioned things on stage, opera or no. But despite my complaints I had a really good time. The play had a heavy drinking theme so Sam and I cuckled to eachother quite a few times. On the whole it was not as fun as last time but last time the opera was much shorter with only two acts, we were sitting closer so I could read the caption box better (it was still dificult but I didn't give up last time) and Sam and I went drinking afterwards as well. After this one, we were pretty damn tired, and just headed home. :(


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