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No fun...no fun to be around

my mum got laid off today. It's a bumber but it could be good for her in the long run. They're giving her a good buy out package with 8 mo. pay so she could take a couple months off. It makes me more anxious to graduate and move out, get out of thier hair and save them some money. It's a good thing it happened this year as opposed to last when I would still have school to pay for.

As I've expressed before school is taking it's toll on poor mir. I've been coasting along doing minimal work and effort so far this quarter but now i'm up to my eyeborws in deadlines and readings and it's time to get serious if I'd like to graduate with a GPA I can be proud of, or moderatly proud of. I'm thinking about going dry for the rest of the quarter and only drinking a beer in the following situations; 1) if Dr. Tung has anoter after class discussion at the Comet/at the gathering he's gonna have at his place for the presentations 2) if there are drinks at the graduating English major's dinner next week, 3)finally, if I spend time working on papers at the Six Arms or someplace I can study, smoke and relax. Basically I'm saying no more drinking on the weekends or weekdays unless it's school related...if that makes any sense. Of course "school related" does no longer count going over to Sam's to "study" in which we instead buy a coupple packs of PBR, get stoned and watch Jon Waters movies until his boyfriend comes home and we all head out to the bar for an Irish car bomb. That's not gonna happen anymroe, damn it! And I'll announce it here because if I fail I at least fail publically. There's no fun in being a hypocrite in private.



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May. 14th, 2005 06:59 pm (UTC)

politicians probably disagree with me on that one though...meh.
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