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The following post is exceedingly borning so I'll keep it away from taking up too much space

Seattle Metro must have done a summer hiring binge. This morning before work I was smokin at the smokin hutch and the lady who works at the register was complaining about there was a new driver for the 2 in the morning on her way to work and he didn't know where the stops were. He was drinving all slow apparently and she was tickled pink he even knew to turn on spring. Then, on my way home tonight I got a new driver as well who just flat out STOPPED on the Magnolia bridge, all different flavors of confused. He was very nice though, said "have a Wonderful evening" when I hopped off at my stop instead of "night" as they usually do. So yeah. I'm procrastinating edditing my french final paper. I was all jazzed about coming home and getting that done so I can put this qtr. away and leave it all at that but as I sit here before my computer, my rough draft is staring at me COVERED in red ink form my prof and the words "40 faults" is intimidating the hell out of me. Maybe I'll face it in the morning. Not tonight. I did my other french assignment with Oni, certinaly I've met my French quota for the evening. Oh got an A- in Expressive Writing. Wahoo. God this is a borning post. I'm totally spent after working a full day at work since winter break. I know I'm not going to get a lot of sympathy from those who work full days all the time. It's just that i'm so used to doing so many different things in a day--bouncing back and forth from school, to work to tablet--that I'm not used to just staring at the computer all day in one place. (Well I do that at Tablet but at least there I can take cigarette breaks and get away when need be.) Yeah so I'm tired and babeling. Oh yeah and Ray Charles died and that makes me sad. Oh and Ding Ding had twins (sone for each ding) Both girls. I suppose I'm happy. If she's truly happy than I'm happy for her. Spoke to her on the phone very briefly. She had to make dinner. She's all domesticated now. Looks like a trip to Olly is in my near future. Which reminds me. Jaden--I win the bet I didn't go to Olly for months I said untill Steph has her babies, which she did. Now what was the bet again? I don't remember, but I'm sure I don't have to get you a miget now that I've won. :p

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