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Haven't really updated in a while

Well the news about Tablet is out and although I have been thinking about a long sentimental post about how much I'm going to miss Tablet, I think, instead I'm just going to say that it's been a huge privilage to meet all those wonderful people, to be a part of something I really grew to love, belive in and I felt contributed to the community, finally to have the most kick-ass job that any college student could have ever have. It was a lot of work, and I know that I could have done better too, with more time and energy, but I'm still proud of what I and everyone accomplished there. Hell, it's also been REALLY FUCKING FUN! The Tablet Peeps can really put on a kick ass show, party, bbq, etc. I'm really, really sad that it's over but I feel honored to be involvedat all.

Anyway, yesterday wentto Bumbershoot. ran into Nathan from Tablet who lent me the VIP passes for the day, which made things much easier. Met up with Sam, who had never been to Bumbershoot before. But not after too long, we left the Seattle Center for happy hour hummus at the Rendezvous, then drinks at teh funhouse before going to see the New York fucking Dolls! Very fun very very fun indeed. Stayed a little bit longer for Garbage before we caught a cab back up the hill to meet up with David at clever dunnes, ran into Marissa as well, which was cool. Overall probably one of the most fun bumbershoot days I've had, although I didn't really spend all that much time at the Seattle Center after Sam showed up.

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