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Sep. 5th, 2005

01 - My uncle once: fucked Janis Joplin
02 - Never in my life: would I smoke crack, kick a puppy or use spell check for LJ. :P
03 - When I was five: I was little, blonde, adorable and the teachers pet. The worst thing that ever really happened was that I was pressured to break a black crayon when we were making x-mas books. I broke the crayon with the teacher right behind me and I had never felt more disappointed and pissed off at myself before.
04 - High School was: alright. I had some good close friends who I still love dearly despite not seeing them very much. We had "the box" all to ourselves. Went to some excellent parties. "I’ll drive that shit home!"
05 - I will never forget: PARIS. ha ha "i'll always have pairs"
06 - I once met: Radiohead, Eddie Izzard, Alex Cox, Margaret Cho, Rasputina, Stereo Total and Ron Jeremy
07 - There's this girl I know who: sort of got arrested because of me and my attempt to be alone with a boy.
08 - Once, at a bar: at the Cha Cha I ordered some random hipster to give me water and when he scoffed and replied "I’m not a waiter" I spelled it out for him. "NO water W-A-T-E-R get me some now!"
09 - By noon, I'm usually: working
10 - I just realized: I need to reply to my cousin’s e-mail
11 - If I only had: the great American novel already written and ready to be published, I’d be much more comfortable in my post-graduation from college angst.
12 - Next time I go to church: would probably be when hell freezes over…or at a wedding/funeral.
13 - Terry Shiavo: dead.
14 - What worries me most: is that now that I’m out of school and Tablet is no more that I will fall too easily in a job I dislike and not write as much as I should and find too many distractions (like surveys) that keep me in a mundane lifestyle in which I don’t feel like I’m doing anything special and not doing what I want to do with my life.
15 - When I turn my head left: I see my bookcase with oh so many books left from school.
17 - You know I'm lying when: I try not to lie. I might withhold information but I try not to lie.
18 - What I miss most about the eighties: I’m supposed to miss something about the eighties?
19 - If I was a character in Shakespeare: I am SO Helena in Midsummer Nights Dream, it’s pathetic. She’s my homegirl.
20 - By this time next year: I’d like to have something published and much work done on the hat novel.
21 - A better name for me would be: Oh I don’t know. I’ve grown quite fond of my name after years of dislike in childhood. I can’t think of any other name that would suit me at this point.
22 - I have a hard time understanding: why someone would vote for GW Bush, watch Fox News or give a flying fuck about what Paris Hilton is doing (or who she’s doing).
23 - If I ever go back to school, I'll: be going for a masters, probably in writing (I dream of Columbia or Iowa--if I could handle being too far from metropolitan life, but I’m not good enough for those schools). Or go back for another degree in philosophy and fine art.
24 - You know I like you if: I open myself up to you early on, or shy away from you a lot because I assume you’re cooler than me.
25 - If I ever won an award, the first person I'd thank would be: it would depend on what my award was for. Generally I’d say my parents first. However if for some reason it was an award for suckin’ dick or something…maybe I’d just thank the random powers that be, the vast universal chance that ever allowed me to exist in the first place,
26 - Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens & Geraldine Ferraro: evolution, music, a colloquialism and I don’t know who or what the last one is.
27 - Take my advice, never: finally condone your best friend’s (who you love so dearly) drug use by shooting up with him. No matter what you both say at the time, it will really only end up badly.
28 - My ideal breakfast is: a double shot of espresso, a croissant and a cigarette (the Parisian special)
29 - A song I love, but do not own is: that Gorillaz Windmill song.
30 - If you visit my hometown, I suggest: hanging out at the Edmonds beach until the sun goes down, then driving up to that water tower/ peak area south of the beach for a little stargazing and pot smoking, and then putting soap in the fountain before getting the hell back to Seattle.
31 - Tulips, character flaws, microchips & track stars: yeah what about them. Do I have to pick? I pick characterflaws, those sound the most interesting of the bunch.
32 - Why don't people: treat one another with respect and dignity? Be it the respect and dignity thorugh paying the honest workers who keep the world really running a decent wage or not harassing an innocent girl who’s just waiting for her bus at first and pike at one o’clock on a Saturday night.
33 - If you spend the night at my house: your ass is on the futon. I love my bed and rarely offer it to anyone unless you get drunk and vomit on it.
34 - I'd stop my wedding for: Ewan McGreggor pounding on the glass above everybody screaming for me, and coming to whisk me away.
35 - The world could do without: you know who as commander and chief
36 - I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: have to lick the belly of a slug, shit gives me shivers just thinkin’ about it.
37 - My favorite blonde is: Drew Berrymore
38 - Paper clips are more useful than: 1/3 of the other shit they sell at Office Depot (but that’s why I love that store so much!)
39 - If I do anything well, it's: waste time when I should really be doing something more productive. Damnit.
40 - And by the way: IGGY POP and the STOOGES, Tomorrow, Bumbershoot, WOO!


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