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Sep. 16th, 2005

tell 20 Random Facts About Yourself, Then Tag The Same Amount Of People As Minutes It Takes You To Write The Facts. If You're Tagged, It's Your Turn.

1. I have no intention to track the time it takes or tag becasue I wasn't taged myself I'm just doing this becasue...well I'm bored and a closet egomaniac. (That should count as two)
2. my favorite sentence is "nothing else gave him as much pleasure" I just think it's beautiful.
3. Even files on my computer are mispelled/have typos, right now in My Music folder I have "Franz Frefinad" and "Chuch Berry" folders that I haven't bothered to change.
4. I once missed my bus stop when I was in Kendergarden and was on the bus all the way to the bus barn, I would have had to stay in the buss all night if the driver hadn't heard me crying and drove me home. To this day I can not sleep on busses or not pay attention to where I am on the bus for fear that I'll miss my stop and that something terrible will happen.
5. I'm very long winded.
6. I hate who I become when I'm drunk but I really really enjoy drinking.
7. Phish Food is my favorite icecream, I only treat myself to it once a month.
8. When the Nesqually earthquake happened, I totally missed it becasue I was in the back seat of my friend's gremlin.
9. I've only managed to read 41 pages of my "summer reading list" this year.
10. I'm much better at understanding French than speaking it, my vocabulary sucks.
11. I was a Doors dork in high school.
12. If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in the Pompidou in Paris, in one of the peices of instilation art that's this all black and white room that, once you step in, you feel like you're stepping into a drawing. I would want to live at the museum for the rest of my life as piece of instilation art!
13. Fox in Socks was my favorite Dr. Seus book in childhood.
14. After a pair of my jeans wearout I can't throw them away becasue I feel bad about wasting the cloth, so I have a huge bag of jeans I've collected over the last 5 years that I don't know what to do with.
15. seeing dead crabs on the beach used to really freak me out as a little kid. I would scream every time I came across one.
16. I'm starting to get kinda tired between writing this trite thing and my looooooong letter to stephanie.
17. I'm one of those people who has to have the fan on to sleep, need the constant hummmmmm or every other sound is magnified ten-fold to me. Can not however, fall asleep to the television or music (unless I'm intoxicated)
18. I used to play pool once a week (in highschool) with the girl who caused me a whole lot of grief as my 6th grade bully. I kicked her ass at pool everytime. It felt great.
19. I'm an open the presents on x-mas eve person.
20. As a kid I had re-occuring nightmares about the care bears. They lived undergound and came above to lure kids to thier undergound lair. Either the kids went willingly, or the carebear would use thier carebear stare on the children to hypmitize them to follow. Then they'd lock the kids up only to finally ritualistically sacrafice the children to Jabba the Hut.

well. that was fun.



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Sep. 17th, 2005 05:57 pm (UTC)
LOL at #15... I used to throw dead crabs at my sister 'cause she would have the same reaction to just seeing them. heheheheheheheh.
Sep. 17th, 2005 08:52 pm (UTC)
how mean! Yeah I liked the beach but it seemed to me like this long, sandy grab graveyard. I'm over it now though, prbaboly because I didn't have any sister throwing dead crabs at me. You've probably traumatized her!
Sep. 17th, 2005 08:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, without a doubt. I've also trained her to be afraid of butterflies. That takes true older sibling skizzills!
Sep. 17th, 2005 08:58 pm (UTC)
Do I even want to know how you managed that? what'd you do put dead buterflies in her food or soemthing. Catepillers in her pillowcase? As an only child I'm quite interested in sibling torture as an artform I never got to experience.
Sep. 17th, 2005 09:01 pm (UTC)
Honestly I'm not sure how I managed that... all I remember is one time when we went to the Seattle Center to see the butterfly exhibit and she ran through the whole thing screaming.

I do know why she doesn't like watermelon to this day, though: Once we were eating it and she told me that she swallowed a seed. I looked at her gravely and warned her to be careful of eating anything dirty, because the dirt would mix with the seed and she'd grow a watermelon in her stomach which would certainly explode and kill her. mwa hahahaha.
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