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My turn!

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bjork:
    I love bjork. No profound reason, really. Just do. Saw her at the Pier on Gingers b-day a coupple years ago. Yeay!
  2. coffee:
    Caffine is probably my second or third favorite drug, but without a doubt the one I'm most addicted to. In the winter I go for tripple talls and in the summer I drink iced quad mochas (the ice fucks up the whole milk to coffee ratio, hence the extra shot) everyday. Of course that will probably change once I move out and my dad won't buy my caffee anymore. It's back to drip for me.
  3. fraz ferdinand:
    Is a good band I'm sure you all know.Me and Ging bused it all the way to the crappy white river amplitheater to see them, which I don't recomend. They also get bonus points for being Scottish!
  4. irvine welsh:
    My absolute favorite contemporary writer. Again, Scottish. Sometimes it's like reading another language but the profanity and more than liberal use of the word 'cunt' is fuckin' poetry to me! I love his humor and his more whacked-out stories. He makes me laugh out lound when I'm reading, which is one of my favorite simple pleasures.
  5. modern art:
    One of the things that makes me happy about my education at SU was taking the Americans in Paris course becasue I came out of it with knowledge and love for modern art. I surprise myself with the shit I've leared. I'm pleased to gloat that I've been privilaged (between Paris and NY) to have seen some of the most famous paintings of the late 19th and 20th century and then some. More than 99% of the poluation will ever see, the Professor was fond of saying. I think I was most happy at the Pompidou and at MoMA than at any other musem.
  6. paris:
    One of the reasons I went to Seattle U was to take the course offered by the English department that takes kids to Paris to learn about moder art. I was hell-bent on taking that class, having wasnted to go to Pairs since I was like 14. And gues what, will a little help from my friends, and putting extra hours at work, I did it in the summer of 2004. Paris was without a doubt, the time of my life. I really connected with that city, knew my way around, memorized the metro lines, found my favorite bar in the entire world (thus far). I've never been as free and happy as I was my three weeks in France. Today, Paris haunts me. I want to go back. Oh, yes, I will go back.
  7. samuel beckett:
    I love existentialism and existential fiction especially. Beckett's not my favorite of the existential writers but I still dig him. I think he was, however, the first one I read back in 12th grade IB English when we read Waiting for Godot. Also read Murphy, which I really got into reading for my Modern British and Irish Lit class (which was origionally written in English, unlike Gadot). What a francophile, abandoning English completely, ha ha!
  8. t-rex:
    Ah t-rex. I love t-rex so much, glam rock in general but t-rex are an the top of that list. Funny story, I wouldn't be friends with Sam and David if I hadn't gotten drunk at Oni's party and turned into a stero nazi, putting on t-rex and talking about how great they were with Sam. T-rex is like cigarettes, I owe a bit of my social life to 'em. Thanks Marc Bolan. You're the best!
  9. the hives:
    Hey, I'm sweedish too and I probably can't rock like that.
    I missed thier show at the Showbox one night but Ginger and I went out drinkin' and bar hoppin' with Matt and Lewis and ended up at the Showbox's bar anyway, and after the show was over, me and Ging ended up meeting them. It was pretty cool. If Ginger had her car in those days we could've gone to the Portland show for free! Damn.
  10. warhol stars:
    When I fell in love with The Velvet Underground I started reading up on all the Warhol stars. I know they're all a bunch of freaked out, drugged up, NY art snobs with questionable talent and probably long lists of VDs they given one another, but damn it, that shit's interesting! Isn't that why people watch soaps and the OC 'n' shit? I just love that all these people were sleeping with one another, doing shit loads of drugs and proclaiming themselves 'stars.' I see through it but all the same it just makes me want to whine 'I wanna be part of the high art society!'

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