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Today I was under the impression that I was to work with the make-up lady, but I'm retarded and I wasn't to come in until Friday. So I head for the Hill. I love how the Hill doesn't really wake up until at least noon, it seems like. The streets are rather bare. Coffee seemed to be the order of the day, seeing as how I had nothing to do. On my way to Vita I discovered that the resivoir park has finally been opened to the public. It's absolutely lovely. Granted I liked the old ghetto park. I have great memories of summers there, eating burrietos, reading Trainspotting there after work the summer before i started school at SU, sitting in the sun and evesdropping on the gutterpunks. The rennovated park is quite beautiful and has a pleasant vibe. It attains that late 19th centrury park feeling that it shoots for, while still having that Capitol Hill spirit. For whatever reason the pseudo art nouveau archetecture of the benches and the old-fashioned light posts was complimented very well by the punk kid with a tall mowhawk reading a book beside the resivoir fountain. But, then again, I'm a dork for parks. I came to appreciate the importance of parks when I was in Paris, when I would go to write and people watch at the Luxembourg Gardens of the Tulleries becasue I didn't have much money and found that since the parks are pubulic I have every right to sit and write and not have to spend money. Parks are a place where you're not a patron, you're not a customer, or a demographic for advertising, you can just BE. Then after a while of people-watching and just living in the moment you start to remember what it is to just be and that to just be is free.

That's my rant for the day. I did eventually go to Vita for coffee but it just ended up depressing me beacuse school started at SU so all those kids came and went by, making me wish I was still in school. Bastards. It brought me back to thinking about all the time I spent at Vita my Freshman year, without friends, going a bit nutty, bad memories. So I sat outside, smoked and tried to write for a little while but, naw, I had to leave.

I had a phone interview this morning for a job I really wanted but I don't think I'll get a second interview. I didn't seem to impress the lady, or she seemed rather stand-offish. Although it's nice to be interviewed in your pajamas and not have to dress up, I don't like phone interviews. They really excentuate my astonding abaility to stammer incoherently under pressure. That being the case this morning, I'll assume I didn't get an in-person interview and go back to good ol' craigslist. *sigh*


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