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Smoking ban & year in review.

Tonights the last night to smoke in bars. I'll be at the Rendezvous for happy hour hummus and then off the the Dunnes probably, after that, who knows. I'm so liviid about this whole thing. Grr. Anywhoo. Before I go here's a little thing I borrowed from dan10things... mines' not all that interesting.

Take the first sentence or two from each month of the last year and put it here to form a quick review of your year.

Jan-- You know, Andy Warhol had to practice his quotes out--origionally he said "in the future everyone will work in a shoe shop for fifteen minutes."

Feb— school is kickin' my ass somthin' awful

March-- I've been distracted from getting started on my paper by a show on the discovery channel on human cannonballs!

April—one year ago today I received this letter.

May— So last night Samuel and I went to the opera

June— Damn it, man the spelling bee is on today and I'll be at school/have a term paper to finish so I won't be albe to watch it!

July—Don’t say I never try anything new! While I'm waiting for the last driver I got a bit peckish while at the office.

Aug-- I am now entering round three of sending out resumes and applying for jobs

Sept-- Well the news about Tablet is out and although I have been thinking about a long sentimental post about how much I'm going to miss Tablet, I think, instead I'm just going to say that it's been a huge privilage to meet all those wonderful people, to be a part of something I really grew to love, belive in and I felt contributed to the community, finally to have the most kick-ass job that any college student could have ever have

Oct-- This might be my last entry for a while as I move into Oni's tomorrow where my computer will be without internet

Nov-- The stupid smoking ban passed so that's it, I'm finished with this place.

Dec--It is not long after I get my voice back I find myself mumbling and talking to myself again.

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