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Man, I've got like, ten minutes or so to write this post, then I really need to bounce and go back to the hill. I'm at my parents, feeding the cats, myself while I'm at it, drinkin' thier booze and usin' the internet while they're in Colorado visiting family. HA! (they gave me permission to do all these things, in exchange for feeding the cats) But I really need to get back to the hill before it gets too late. 

Been super busy that last couple of weekends, with mad wedding stuff. Check this out, in the past two weekends I've been to an engagement party, a wedding (a fabulous one that was so lovely I might add) and wedding dress shopping with ging twice. Now I'm entering into grad time as my friend and roomey graduates from SU so there's going to be a lot of business and cleaning this week and weekend too. I'm  happy to have all the distractions and I've been having a good time doing all these things but week after next, dude, I am spending one day of not getting out of my pajamas and not takin my ass off the couch. (Well I'd still like to take a walk around capitol hill but THEN, I'll not take my ass off the couch...I wont have to dress up anyway)

The good news is that I got a propper job! So depression is begining to wane with the prospect of a new begining and getting myself out of finantial destitution. That and after visiting Adam while we were in Edmonds and hearing about what becaome of some people from the old days, maybe I never really had it so bad. 

Shit I really need to go. That's my good news so...

Congrats to Matt and Luis for thier beautiful union!
Congrats to Oni for graduating and getting that A on the paper for McDowell!
(Congrats to Kellie and Marissa for graduating as well this week)
And Congrats to myself for finally being employable, aparently. 




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Jun. 9th, 2006 06:22 am (UTC)
Congratulations to you, Mir, on the occasion of this very-newsy journal entry of yours. I look forward to your next report!

Jun. 9th, 2006 09:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello!
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