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Last night Raye and I watched Crash, I hadn't seen it yet. It was so good. I'm still thinkin' about it. Highly recomended. After the movie we went down to Chop Suey 'cuase I wanted to see the Catch.So we had over priced, weak drinks but a good time people watching. Where the hell did these kids come from? First off dude, STOP BRINGING BACK THE 80's!! I'm not having it. Okay I'll have a little of it but those fucking tight-ass track shorts have got to go, and ladies don't wear leggings underneith them. Ugh! There was this one girl whose outfit, as Raye put it, was like something Cyndi Lauper threw up. Lace leggings under tight track shorts with an unflattering tank top, obvious panti line and white fucking cowboy boots. You don't know who you want to slap, the girl or her firends for letting her go out like that. Secondly, what's up with white pants? My fave was white pants, grey shirt and white suspenders guy with platnum blond hair. He was like a mix of Rocky (from rocky Horror) and an umpa-lumpa, fuckin' kickin' it on the dance floor. Hilarious. But yeah three guys in white pants. Not good. Actually there were so many fuckin' fashion faux pas and eighties throw-backs that Raye and I figured that, surly, there must have been a theme and neither of us had got the memo (as it was a semi-impromtu venture down the street to the club).

My favorite voyeristic victom of the night was "coked-out guy" This rail thin, long haired, iggy-pop wanna be guy with very good posture, who kept walking by Raye and I, back and forth to the fucking bathroom, every 2 minutes. It struck us as funny first when he was strutting in his white jacket with the collar popped up, and his pretentious, very intent stride. But it was when he kept walking back into the bathroom, over and over and over again, (and lost that silly jacket at some point) that he became "coked out guy." We were making up stories about him, like he had a tragic accident and had short-term memory loss and he just kept forgetting that he had just gone to the bathroom to do a line. He'd walk out on the dance floor, then think, "hey I've got coke" turn around and go to the bathroom for a line, come back out, forget and then think "hey, I've got coke!" and so on and so on, until he would run out of course and not know why and be all "shit, man, where's my coke?" Yeah that was our version of his story. In real life it seemed like he was alone and didn't know what to do with himself. It seemed like if he talked to a girl for a little while or danced with her, it wasn't long before she ran off to dance with her firends or another guy. We were sorta laughing at the guy from afar at the begining of the night, but by the end I was kinda rootin' for the guy to find some booty. I always end up rooting for the socially awkward people in the end.
ANYWAY. Yeah. Horay people watching.

Shit, man, how did it already become Labor Day weekend? Where did this summer go? Seriously. Well I'm lookin' forward to it. Going to Bumbershoot tomorrow to see Blondie, the Gossip and the Epoxies, probably spend the afternoon at the Funhouse, Rendezvous or Shorties to get our drink on before going back to the Seattle Center. Just me and Raye at the moment but if anybody else is going and wants to meet up for a drink or something, let me know. (only not via the internets becaseu once I leave work today I will be away from a computer until sunday.) Sunday Raye's going to make home-made fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. Yummy. Then on Labor Day her parents are coming over to see the apartment and I'll be off visiting my 'rents for thier bbq. A nice well rounded weekend, don't you think?

Yeah, well my lunch break has been over for a little while so I should stop rambling and get back to work.
Have a great weekend!



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Sep. 3rd, 2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
'When you look into the abyss....'
Indeed, Mir, people-watching is fun! Now, about "the '80s": I don't remember seeing any female personages, in the '80s, dressed exactly in the manner you describe from your night at the club; but I wasn't exactly Mr. Man About Town in those days — my days being more the '60s and '70s. However, I'm firmly behind (so to speak) females wearing Lycra Spandex.

< harangue >

Unlike present-day media spin, which asserts anything more than three years old is bad or laughable "so buy our new product," actual viewing experience from the '80s reveals there weren't very many females who looked bad in Spandex. (The trendy cliché asserts that in the '80s huge roving bands of women, all of whom were grossly overweight and/or terribly out of shape, roamed abroad in the land whilst clad in Spandex shorts.) I know, from personal viewing experience, that for every gal who ought not to have worn Spandex there were 100 of them who looked just great in it.

Case in point: Angie Nolder. Angie was a radiologic technologist at Providence Medical Center when I worked there for a year or so as a patient transporter back in the late '80s. She'd been an athlete in college (basketball) and it showed. The hospital's annual picnic, at which Angie appeared in Spandex shorts and a tiny top, is etched in my memory! What can I say?

< /harangue >

This is the first I'd heard there were women appearing in public wearing anything under Spandex, apart from panties (unless they were going commando). Leggings? What in Sam Hill is that all about? Yuck! If it was a big "thing" in the '80s, I sure as hell missed it — thankfully.

What I do recall from the early '80s was the tapering off of that short-lived "disco" cult, which mainly involved (at Portland anyway) wealthy Arab or Persian males — always behind the wheel of a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am — picking up gals at disco clubs and regaling them, for one night, with unlimited lines of coke. That whole phenomenon was an ugly carry-over from the late '70s, though.

Portland was still, in those days, a rock-and-roll town music-wise; so disco was popularly despised, as were its adherents. Anyway, although my people-watching days have long since ended I remember how much fun it could be. Happy people watching to you!

Sep. 7th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
Re: 'When you look into the abyss....'
oh Mr. Cat how you can silence me with your your comments sometimes. I don't know what to say and almost feel I should give leggings a second chance. :P
Sep. 7th, 2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
Re: 'When you look into the abyss....'
No, no, no! No leggings, Mir! Well, I mean, if you want to wear leggings then by all means please do; but if you don't, I won't be crushed. In fact, I'll be glad: I never liked seeing the damned things anyway. "Spandex, yes! Leggings, no!" is the Chant Of the Month for me. In the event, I seldom know what I'm talking about; so please go on about your business. There's nothing to see here....

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