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The Maning of Life

The Meaning of Life:
Part I: The weekend

Raye was in Olywa and Christine down in Cali (CATHY weekend next week, yeay!) BUT apparently Oni was in town this weekend and I missed her. Which makes me sad. She called on Saturday but my phone was on silent so I missed it.  When I got the message she said she was at the Auraface and I thought it was just a slip of the tounge. I thought it was cute but when I called her back the line was busy. I went for my walk, walked right by the aurafice and didn't see her. LAME. 

What's really lame is that I wasn't doing anything really, just feeling crampy and hungover, lying in bed watching British comedy until it was time to take a walk. Watched Monty Python's the Meaning of Life. Hadn't really seen it in a long time. I had to watch "find the fish" over and over and over again. it made me feel so much better. I was pleased to find it on You Tube in case anyone wants to know what is, in my opinion, high art, surreaist, and fucking fabulous fucked up comedy! Christ I love this, for anyone living under a rock who hasn't seen it I have to share.

Find the Fish

The meaning of life Part II:
Better Red Than Dead

I dyed my hair again, Finally. This is where I would insert a picture, if I had a digital camera but I don't so...use your imagination, it's dark auborn with a purplish hugh. I saw my friend Kat last week and I had my hair up and she said, "Oh mir, you look so cute as a blonde." 
And that was it. I bought hair dye the very next day.
So now at work anyone who thought I was a natural red-head has been corrected in thier misjudgement. :)

This afternoon Samuel and I are going to watch Elevator to the Gallows together. I'm so jazzed for him to see it. I've been looking forward to watching it again too. Yeay!
Back to work, break over.

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