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Cathy Weeked (in Review)

Cathy weekend is over, much to my dismay, but we had a very fabulous weekend.
Cathy drove up with Christine on Friday. Raye and I watched a movie or two and drank at home.
Saturday, after sleeping in a little longer than anticipated, Cathy came over in the morning and Raye made breakfast burritos and sausage for all of us, which was fabulous and wonderful as we couldn’t make it to Glo’s in time to do all we wanted to do that day. We caught a cab to Freemont and went to Octoberfest. I liked it better in the early in the afternoon, it wasn’t crowded, we saw the Catch and there were no lines to get beer. It was good times. Then we beggared off to get cigarettes and did a little tourist in our own city thang, taking pictures next to the Troll and the people waiting for the bus statue, both of which I’ve surprisingly never done in my 19 years in Seattle. When we returned to Octoberfest in the early evening it was bloody well crowded and after we ran out of tokens we told anyone who was supposed to meet us to meet of at The Dunnes instead. Oh the Dunnes. Oh Cathy weekend. Oh drunken Cathy weekend at the Dunnes. Good times.
Those great Saturday nights at the Dunnes don’t quite make for great Sunday mornings, of course. The hangover aside, those people who come and rummage through our recycling crush and steal our cans returned once again and woke me up. There were more of them than before but they all met the angry wrath of a hungover Miranda in her negligee and slippers, holding a can of pepper spray and screaming at them to get out of her garbage. Hopefully they wont come back. I went back to sleep and we eventually all got up and headed down the hill to Glo’s. I’m thinkin’ that the place is over rate, honestly. I don’t like waiting so long when I’m hungover, it’s tiny, the service is bad and the food isn’t the best in Seattle BUT Cathy loves her bagel and lox from Glo’s, so as long as Cathy’s happy, so is Mir. (Did I mention she was a Goddess this weekend and got what she wanted at all times? I can’t wait ‘till I’m in Cali and get the same treatment!) After Cathy went up to visit another friend, Raye went to watch football and I just lazily sat around on my bed, watching telly. (Wanted to catch up on Season 2 of Deadwood but the first three disks are STILL unavailable at Blockbuster. RETURN THOSE PEOPLE!)

Monday, after work and my walk, Christine, Raye, Cathy and I had our last outing of Cathy weekend, Happy hour at Dragon Fish. It was lovely--good food, many drinks, and Mir spent too much money. BUT Cathy tried calamari and liked it, I tried a sushi roll that I actually liked and gave tofu a second chance (and still found it disgusting, but at least I tried.) So all and all, ya know, we came out of the whole weekend as better people.
: )

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