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Mir reached her coffee quota...

Usually on weekdays I have a cup of drip at home on my way out (or if I'm too hungover or too lazy to make coffee I get one of those mocha frappachino things at 7-11 on my way to work) then usually all of us in the office go out and get coffee in the morning and I get my quad mocha. This morning, since my boss isn't coming in and I didn't want to get out of bed until it was absolutely necessary, I got my quad mocha on the way to work...I drank it quickly as the fuckers put whipcream on it and I didn't want the sugar in the whipcream to mix too much with my coffee. Then I had to go out and deliver a contract to the metro office in Rainer Square. They weren't open by the time I got there so I passed the time by, you guessed it, getting more coffee. Out of habbit I got another quad. And let me tell ya. I feel kinda shitty now, headache, heart beating rapidly, it's as if I can FEEL my blood pressure raising through the roof. I didn't know it was possible but I now I know that 8 shots of espresso in a two hour peroid is beyond my limit. I don't feel very hardcore anymore. Hopefully it keeps me going and I don't crash while I'm still at work, or about to take my walk after work. I hope the 8 shots keep me goin' 'till it's time to go to the Dunnes and get my drink on.

Also the midget count has gone up to double digits. 10 midgete since September. :)

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