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My kind of survey

1. What is your favorite beer?
Stella becasue it brings me back to Paris and/or
Fat Tire becasue it was the first beer I liked and is from Ft. Collins Co, like me.

2. What is your favorite liquor?

3. What is your favorite shot?
Irish Car bombs, vitimin c's a close second

4. What will you NOT drink?
Gin, rum (unless it's in a long island, which has everything) martinis (i hate olives)

5. Are you a "hard ass" when it comes to drinking?
I like to think so.

6. Do you like the drinks with the little umbrellas?
no I avoid being the girlie drink drunk, too much sugar is so bad for the next day

7. Do you ever drink Bacardi Silver?

8. Do you like frozen drinks?
a blended margareta is fun on occasion but I prefer fresh and on the rocks

9. Do you drink liquor straight?
not as well as i used to be able to. I can though, just not all night like the onld days. I need mixer now

10. Do you ever drink out of the bottle?
oh yeah, but again, not like I used to be able to

11. Have you ever drank a jagerbomb?
of course it's good stuff

12. Are you drunk right now?
nope, not even hungover, either

13. Do you consume more than 2 alcoholic beverages a day?
Depends on what day, if I do drink that day then yes but I don't drink every day.

14. Do you drink a lot of wine?
I like wine but I try to avoid it. It's a very dangerous drink for mir. I love the drunk but it makes me sick and I can never stop myself once I start drinking it.

15. When's the last time you drank?
Tuesday night with Raye at the Rosebud

16. What are your 5 favorite drinks?
doubble whiskey and coke (my standard), makers mark manhattan, irish car bomb, vitimin C, margareta on the rocks

16. Have you ever thrown up from drinking?
yeah...more times than I can count or remember

17. Have you ever had sex after drinking?
Huhuhuhuh...of course.

19. Ever done a Keg Stand?

20. Name someone that will repost this?
don't know

21. Ever been streaking while drinking?
not streaking, no but I got naked with all the other naked people at my house

22. Hot tub/pool naked bc of alcohol?

23. Failed any college courses due to alcohol alone?
Shockingly no.

24. Ever hooked up w/more than 1 person in a night bc of alcohol?

25. Ever woken up & said "dude wheres my car" and meant it?
That is actually exactilly why I don't drive, it would be irresponsible of a drunk such as myself to have a car

26. Ever carried someone up or down a flight of stairs due to their drunkeness?

27. Have u ever taken the shirt off your back to clean up a friends puke?
No. That is so waht towels and shit are for.

28. Puked in a friends car?
Yes. Cathys' car "it's not a stain, it's a memory"

29. Puked in a friends house?
Oni's (before I lived there). Then of course there was the infamous Tablet Retreat.

30. Ever drank more beers than years you were old in one outing??
Probably not.

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