Ugly is the new cute.

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Hi I'm Mir! I’m a writer, bartender, producer, admin, only child, daydreamer, chronic anglophile, nerd, snob, liberal, Seattleite, former Capitol Hill Kid, former Londoner, and, as you'll probably notice, also a poor speller. A bit of a late bloomer and an introvert, I spent my ‘20s coming out of my shell, spreading my wings and other such clichés much of which was documented here.

Now, with a foot in my 30s and newly married there are still new experiences to remark upon, new rants to 'rabble, rabble, rabble' about and still some catching up to do on experiences missed along the way.

Here's the place I bitch, moan, express the weird things I see/hear/think of, tell stories and post the (hopefully but not always) noteworthy happenings in my life. Why? Because increasingly, lord knows I can't be expected to remember all this shit.

Not interested? Yeah me neither.
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